Spectra PhotoSync IRD WINDOW TINT

America's #1 heat rejection film with a total solar energy rejection of 80%


When choosing a window film for an automobile, style and quality are priorities in choosing the best material. Wouldn’t it be ideal to get both of those at a high level as well as excellent sun protection for passengers and the interior? That’s possible with Prestige Film Technologies’ PhotoSync Window Film. Their six-layer window tint demonstrates across-the-board sun defense, superior quality, and a variety of options to achieve a desired tinted-window look.

FEATURES OF Spectra PhotoSync IRD

PhotoSync Window Film employs a special Solar Adaptive Coating (SAC) that responds to the sun’s light and can ultimately increase the film’s Total Solar Energy Rejection by 80%. Once this has taken place, PhotoSync blocks infrared light wavelengths between 950-2500 nanometers by up to 98.5%. Add to that a 99.5% rejection of UVA and UVB ultraviolet radiation, and that’s like installing a bullet-proof vest against the sun. This not only protects against skin cancer and aging for passengers, but keeps car dashes and interiors looking new longer.

All this protection comes with a Lifetime Warranty against defects, bubbling, discoloration, and cracking during reasonable use (for the original owner only), and avoids employing metallics in the window tint. That is excellent news for today’s vehicles that use wireless transmission signals like GPS, keyless entry systems, and satellite radio – all of which can be disrupted by such metallics.

To learn more about PhotoSync’s specific light rejection properties, there are a number of informational charts on their website, but some notable results are at least a 62% TSER rating for all shades of PhotoSync as well as a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.31 to 0.57, which is better than average household double-pane windows.

And of course, PhotoSync comes in Visible Light Transmitted shades of 70%, 55%, 45%, and 30% and now 15%– so users can get the look they want with the protection they need while staying within local VLT regulations. One thing to note is the VLT is ultimately reduced by about 5% after the special SAC response.

For unmatched heat rejection, cutting-edge technology, and styling options, Prestige Film Technologies’ PhotoSync Window Tint is one of the coolest options available.

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