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Get the Matte Car Finish Look You Want. One of the hottest trends in the automotive world is trading in that high-gloss finish for the muted, flat look of matte paint. Our matte car wraps can transform the look of your ride and give you the matte finish you’ve been dreaming about for a fraction of the price of a matte paint job. Matte car wraps are also easy to remove, which means you can quickly and easily go back to your car’s original factory finish anytime—like when you sell your car or trade it in.


If you want that “murdered out” look, our flat black matte wraps are the way to go. City lights can turn a glossy black car into nothing but a reflection of its surroundings. Your car will stand out by not standing out with a sleek, matte black car wrap. Turn your ride from a shiny mirror into the deep black silhouetted look that is currently sought after by many prominent car owners seeking a low-profile look that shows off the beauty of the car without the distortion caused by reflections.


There’s just something special about a white sports car. Whether you’re driving along the beach, traversing a windy mountain road or just blazing down your neighborhood street, everyone notices a sleek, clean looking white vehicle. Get a beautiful white matte car wrap and start turning heads – today!

3. MATTE military green car wrap

Looking for something different for your vehicle? Consider a shade of green for your matte vehicle wrap. With this popular, military type look, you’ll appeal to everyone’s taste. Especially when so many sports cars are red or black. Coming on strong as a popular alternative color, green is the “go to” for many of our clients. Check it out today!


Remember the awesome looking DeLorean from “Back to the Future”? Now your car can have the same look with an all silver matte wrap, turning your average looking sports car into a machine of true grace and beauty. With the look of steel and the ability to turn heads at every turn, you’ll love this matte on your vehicle. Come by and see sample vehicles with the same look.


Like the color of your car, but want a matte look instead of your old gloss paint? Wrap your ride in a matte paint protection film. Let the original color shine through, with that cool matte look. Matte paint protection film offers the same aesthetic benefits of our vinyl matte wraps with added protection against chips, scratches, swirls, fading, and corrosion. Our full body matte PPF kits wrap every inch of your car’s exterior for the ultimate matte look and protection of the factory paint job underneath.


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The cost of matte wrapping your car depends on a few different factors, mainly the type of car you drive and the total area being wrapped. Requesting a custom matte wrap color might also run up the cost more than installing one of the standard colors we have in stock (matte black, matte white, matte military green, matte grey aluminum, matte dark grey, and matte silver)

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