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Car wrap from Auto Super Shield will keep your car up to date with the latest automotive design trends.

Protect your vehicle with a car wrap

Chrome wraps and matte black car wraps are two of the most popular finishes to flood the streets this year, and you don’t need all new paint to have them. Available in hundreds of other colors and finishes, the high end, luxury vehicle wraps available at Auto SuperShield can be combined to transform your vehicle with virtually limitless design options.

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There’s more to Luxury Vehicle Wraps from Auto SuperShield than extraordinary colors and finishes – wrapping your car will protect it against the dangers that constantly threaten your car’s original paint. When you choose to wrap your vehicle in a new color with Auto SuperShield’s Vehicle Wraps, you provide that vehicle with a superior safeguard against the wear and tear of the road.


From stone chips to shopping carts, Auto SuperShield’s Luxury Vehicle Wraps absorb abrasion so that your vehicle’s original paintwork doesn’t have to. Whatever the danger – bugs, road debris or any number of the dangers that threaten your vehicle’s original finish each and every time it hits the road, you can feel confident that your car is nearly untouchable with the help of Auto SuperShield.


Your Auto SuperShield Vehicle Wrap can be safely removed to reveal the perfectly preserved original paintwork underneath. The cost of Auto SuperShield’s Luxury Vehicle Wraps is easily offset by the vehicle’s improved resale value. A vehicle with a perfectly preserved factory finish is a rare find, and buyers know it. Paint can be scratched and finishes can fade over time, paint protection is the most cost-effective way to ensure that the factory finish will be preserved.

Wrapping your car in a 3M paint protection film or the self-healing Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection film is like encasing it in a suit of timeless armor. A transparent film will show off perfectly preserved original factory paint, while a color-changing vehicle wrap will protect that paint and allow you to keep up with all of the latest automotive trends. With the cost offset by increased resale value, there’s simply no reason not to take advantage of the fantastic benefits that Auto SuperShield Luxury Vehicle Wraps have to offer.


When there’s more severe accident damage involved and body sections must be replaced, perfectly matching the existing paint can dramatically increase the cost of repairs. If the existing color is no longer available, a whole new color for your car exponentially increases these costs. With Auto SuperShield’s Vehicle Wraps you can simply wrap the new section in the same color as the existing film for a seamless and solid look.


The application of a vehicle wrap is an extremely precise process that requires a great deal of experience to perfect. Fortunately, the highly qualified professionals at Auto SuperShield have that experience, and can guarantee a perfect application each and every time. It is vital that the process not be rushed, and these professionals know it. They put all of the necessary time and work into every car that they wrap, and they do not take the risks of shortcuts or cut-corners.


There is a highly-specialized science involved in the selection of the proper adhesives to use when bonding a material to any specific type of surface. Auto SuperShield’s professional technicians are considered to be chemists in this regard. Using the wrong bonding agent with the wrong material can lead to adhesive failure in just a matter of months. You can rest assured that the knowledgeable professionals at Auto SuperShield will not let you down.

2. the proper tools

The tools that are used during the wrapping process are relatively simple when compared with many of the tools found in a mechanic’s cabinet, but they are purpose-built for the wrapping process, and work best in the hands of our professionals. In the wrong hands, these tools could cause permanent damage to your treasured automobile. Our professionals make their living by giving each project the time, care and respect that both you and your vehicle deserve.


The application of a Luxury Vehicle Wrap, by Auto SuperShield’s skilled professionals is a very labor-intensive process; however, the cost of this labor is returned to you each every time your vehicle’s original finish is saved from all of the small damages that add up to weathered and worn exteriors. This labor is an investment in your vehicle’s future resale value, and you will undoubtedly appreciate your vehicle’s professional wrapping when the time comes to cash in.


The professionals at Auto SuperShield are highly trained in every aspect of the complex processes involved in wrapping vehicles. From the first wash to the final polish, they take your vehicle as seriously as you do. In this profession, proficiency comes only with practice, and no wrapping is ever rushed at the expense of its quality.


Auto SuperShield covers some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic cars, and our Luxury Vehicle Wraps truly turns
your car or truck into a showcase vehicle.

  • More than just a vinyl wrap material, some of our vehicle wraps are made with actual automotive paint with an automotive clear coat that can be buffed and treated like paint.

  • It’s totally removable; a paint job that can be changed.

  • Beautiful, durable, removable automotive painted finish for less than the cost of a direct paint job.

  • Available in many great textures and finishes.

  • Need custom color matching? No problem. We feature vehicle wraps you can’t get anywhere else. We have the only chrome wrap on the market and the technique to install it perfectly.



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