Window tinting maximizes your cool factor in more ways than one, it blocks heat, reduces glare and helps reduce interior fading. Auto window tinting creates a look that allows you to rev up the style of your car. Stay connected with our non-metallized window film options, stay protected with SPF factors up to 1,000.


Auto SuperShield carries only the best window tinting film available on the market today, making us one of the best car window tinting shops in Boca Raton, Florida. We specialize in high-performance, high-quality window tint film for luxury vehicles. Some of the top automotive window tint brands we carry include:

1. Spectra Photosync

Prestige Film Technologies' Spectra Photosync utilizes the most advanced automotive window film technology to give drivers the ultimate in appearance, protection, and performance. The film features Solar Adaptive Coating (SAC), a nano-technology window film that automatically adjusts its heat rejecting properties to synchronize with solar intensity. Total solar energy rejection can reach up to 79% after SAC activation.

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2. Suntek CIR

The SunTek CIR Series is our ultimate evolution in tint technology and our most premium, top-performing offering. The addition of ceramic technology enhances solar performance and infrared rejection, maintaining a fully non-metal construction for no signal interference with on-board or portable electronic devices.

Our CIR Series is offered in a range of 8 darkness levels, all a non-reflective and true black hue that helps protect against fading. Living with CIR after installation is nothing short of luxurious. Passengers and interiors are protected from 99% of UV rays, and vehicle cabin comfort is enhanced, with exceptional heat and infrared rejection.

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3. Suntek Carbon

SunTek offers two product lines featuring carbon technology: the CXP Series and the Carbon Series. For enhanced performance demands and luxury vehicles, we recommend the CXP Series’ non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technology.
No matter which series you choose to install, be confident in the tint’s ability to stand the test of time. It’s a non-reflective, rich black that’s backed by manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty, including protection against fading. Both films block 99% of harmful UV rays.

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SunTek’s non-metal, nano-hybrid, carbon-constructed CXP Window Film offers enhanced performance for high-end applications at a lower price point than other premium high-performance window tint brands. CXP can be installed with a Visible Light Transmission (VLT) rating from 6% to 80%, giving customers an incredible range of window tint shades to choose from at some of the most competitive figures on the market.

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Before you get your car window’s tinted, make sure you go to a shop that is familiar with Florida window tint law. At Auto SuperShield, we make sure that your tint job looks great and is street legal. If you want to get very dark tinted windows, stop by or call us to discuss FL window tint laws and how we can help you achieve your desired look.


To learn more about our premium window tint brands or to get a quote on window tint film installation in Boca Raton, contact us online or call Auto SuperShield at 561.264.4254.


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