prestige satin guard paint protection film


For amazing protection and added metallic satin finish to any vehicle exterior, Prestige Film Technologies’ Metallic Satin Guard Paint Protection Film is the way to go. This product has all the classic benefits of other PPFs, but with several unique visual and manufacturing elements to keep any vehicle eye-catching for years.

Prestige Satin Guard is made from a PET urethane film (the same polyethylene terephthalate that is used in soda bottles and surgical implants) with an acrylic adhesive that can be removed from a car’s OEM paint job without any damage. It provides top-of-the-line paint damage protection from road debris and general wear, and keeps the car’s satin finish showroom-quality.

The main selling point of this particular PPF is its Dual Tone Technology. This unique element creates a satin metallic appearance to the car’s body in certain kinds of light. Essentially, customers are getting a dual-tone paint job and paint protection film rolled into one – albeit in the same color as their original paint.

Another comfort is this PPF’s stretching ability during installs – at over 400% elongation at breaking, stretch marks and cracking from installs are basically nonexistent. The urethane layer is also 300% thicker than matte vinyl finishes, and is oleophobic, meaning the material will prevent oil (and fingerprints!) from becoming too much of a nuisance – good news for a car that will look so good people won’t be able to stay away. Anyone interested in more specifics about the Prestige Satin Guard PPF can check out the data sheet on this page.

One of the less flashy things about Prestige Satin Guard is its seven-year warranty that covers everything from defects to bubbling and cracking (barring abnormal use). Ultimately, for someone looking for a solid layer of protection over his or her automobile, and has room in their pocket to add a spectacular visual effect in the process, the Satin Guard Paint Protection Film by Prestige Film Technologies is a perfect choice.



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