Tips for Shipping a Car to Miami

June 20, 2020

Moving to Miami? If you have a high-end sports car, luxury vehicle, or priceless collector’s car, moving isn’t as easy as loading everything up in your ride and driving it to Miami yourself. Fortunately, there are car transportation companies that can get your wheels to South Beach in one piece so you don’t have to worry about road debris, reckless highway drivers, or putting thousands of miles on your ride.

If you want to protect your car and eliminate one of the hassles of moving day, here are some tips for shipping your car to Miami from wherever you currently call home.

Shop Around for Car Shipping Well in Advance

To ensure your vehicle arrives in Miami at the same time you do, plan well in advance and schedule transport at least two weeks before the move. The car carrier you hire should provide a window of time in which your vehicle will be picked up and delivered so you can avoid any unforeseen delays. This will also give you time to set up a delivery time and location so you can be prepared to receive your vehicle when it arrives in South Beach.

Compare Shipping Company Reviews

There are lots of car transportation providers, but not all of them are worthy of shipping your expensive vehicle. You’ll get what you pay for with most auto transport companies, so don’t necessarily look for the cheapest carrier if you have a high-end luxury sports car or exotic vehicle. Before you request a quote from any carrier for shipping a car to Miami, evaluate your options and carefully select a handful of shippers based on feedback on reviews. Here are some of the most highly rated and reviewed auto transporters according to Consumer Affairs:

  • Ship a Car Direct – 5 Stars (1,567 reviews)
  • AmeriFreight – 5 Stars (825 reviews)
  • Executive Auto Shippers – 5 Stars (667 reviews)
  • eShip – 5 Stars (526 reviews)

You can also research automotive shippers on the Better Business Bureau website. The BBB assigns businesses a letter grade based on complaints received from the public and how businesses responded and/or resolved complaints against them.

Request an Enclosed Shipping Trailer

If you own a vintage, classic, or luxury vehicle, we recommend you look for a shipping company that offers fully enclosed transport (i.e., an enclosed trailer). This will protect your car’s paint job from road debris, inclement weather, and other elements that might cause chips and scratches. The next best option to enclosed car shipping is “top loading,” which means your vehicle is loaded on the upper deck of the trailer where contact with road debris is less likely.

Confirm the Carrier’s Liability

Before you go with an auto carrier, make sure the shipper provides at least $50,000-$100,000 in liability coverage. Some carriers have liability coverage as high as $250,000, which might be necessary depending on the type of vehicle you’re shipping and how much it would cost to repair or replace should anything happen during the move. You should also check with your insurance provider regarding the details of your policy in case your vehicle is damaged in transport.

Document Your Car’s Condition

After you select a carrier and schedule pickup for your vehicle, thoroughly document the condition of your car by taking pictures and videos of the entire interior and exterior. Pictures and video may be necessary to prove the carrier damaged your vehicle in case you notice scratches, dings, or dents when it arrives in Miami. Make sure the pictures are dated and well-lit, and that you document your car from different angles. The car shipping industry as a whole has a remarkably low damage rate so you probably won’t have to make any sort of claim, but it only takes a few minutes and can save you thousands of dollars if something happens during transport.After your car safely arrives in Miami, visit Auto Super Shield and we’ll make sure it looks as good as it did when it got off the truck for years to come. Auto Super Shield is South Florida’s premier car wrapping shop. Our line of high-quality, premium vinyl wraps and paint protection films provide a super-strong barrier against scratches, paint chips, sun damage, corrosion, and most all other forms of paint damage you can think of. We also specialize in aesthetic car wraps if you want to transform the look of your ride. Contact us online or call (561) 367-0101 to learn more. Welcome to Miami!


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