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Quality Workmanship and Exceptional Customer Service

Proper vehicle wrapping takes time. In this business, the most experienced professionals are not those who work fast, but instead are those who have learned the importance of taking the time to achieve perfection. When wrapping a vehicle, perfection means paying strict attention to every single detail.

Skilled Professionals
Each vehicle that is wrapped by our highly trained, certified professionals is a tribute to their work. When a single mistake can permanently damage the original finish on your vehicle, taking the time to devote their complete attention to every aspect of the wrapping process is a fundamental skill that is possessed by every member of our team.

First Class Customer Service
Every member of our staff knows that quality customer service involves more than a nod and a smile - it involves a thorough knowledge about our products and services, as well as complete honesty when working with you to ensure that you are receiving the exact products and services that you require. There are no surprises after the project has begun.

Our team will involve you in the process from beginning to end. You can count on our creative professionals to help you through every aspect involved in personalizing and customizing your vehicle. You will know exactly what you are getting before any wrapping begins. Once the wrapping process starts, our staff will work to make sure that you are informed about, and comfortable with, everything that is done to your vehicle.

Trusted Quality
Auto SuperShield has become one of 3M's largest Florida dealer by excelling in both workmanship and customer service. You can take comfort and pride in Auto SuperShield's high standards and flawless ethics. While in our possession, your vehicle will be treated with the utmost care and respect at all times. With Auto SuperShield, your treasured vehicle will remain secure and undamaged.

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