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Paint Protection Films

Paint Protection Films

Auto SuperShield Paint Protection Films will preserve your factory paint for the life of your automobile. Custom cut by computer, our protective film will precisely fit your car and protect against road debris, environmental elements, bugs, and abrasions. Although almost impenetrable, Auto SuperShield paint protection film (PPF) is virtually invisible and provides a nice looking, hard, glossy top coat to your vehicle.
If you drive a luxury car, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Here’s a look at some of the premium paint protection films we install.

Looking for an opinion on the best paint protection film or luxury vinyl wrap for your car? We can design something totally custom and great looking. Our design experts are standing by to talk with you.

Is Paint Protection Film Worth It?
If you value the investment you have made in your vehicle, you will equally value the dramatic enhancement and long-term protection Auto SuperShield paint protection film products provide.
Exterior condition is a major factor that affects a car’s resale value. Thus, paint protection film can help protect your investment by preventing any monetary loss due to scratches, chips, fading, and corrosion. Paint protection film is also much cheaper than a new car paint job, so investing in high-quality PPF can actually save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run.
At Auto SuperShield, our protective films not only protect your valuable investment, they enable you to change the vehicle's color in an instant. Your car will cause heads to turn as they see you cruising down the road with a new color change wrap. We offer a variety of colors and finishes, including gloss, satin, brushed steel, carbon fiber, matte, metallic and mirror chrome. You can apply new color to the entire vehicle, or just a section, such as the roof, hood or trunk lid.

How Much Does Paint Protection Film Cost?
Pricing varies depending on the area covered on your vehicle and the type of paint protection film you choose. A full body PPF kit will be more expensive than wrapping single body panels but will provide maximum protection, which is worth it if you drive a luxury vehicle. Visit Super AutoShield or contact us for a free quote on paint protection film installation.

Preserve Your Paint from Scratches, Scrapes & Chips
When you drive a sports car or other high-end luxury vehicle, you'll want to make every effort to preserve the paint against scratches, scrapes and chips. It's a good idea to invest in protecting your vehicle's exterior now, rather than suffering damage that will be more expensive to repair in the future.
We specialize in providing the peace of mind that comes with a premium paint protection film. Not only does your vehicle gain UV protection to prevent yellowing, the coating can safeguard against small rocks hurtling as fast as 100 miles per hour. Our protective films are an excellent way to help you stand out from the crowd while also providing enhanced protection against routine wear and tear to your vehicle's beautiful exterior.
Looking for an opinion on the best luxury film for your car? We can design something totally custom and great looking. Our design experts are standing by to talk with you. Protect your sports car with world-class paint protection film.

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