Automotive Paint’s Worst Enemies

June 20, 2020
AUTS - Paints Worst Enemies

There are few worse feelings than walking out to your beloved vehicle only to spot a 'mystery scratch,' a scratch you know wasn't there yesterday, but there it is, ruining the perfect look of your car. Paint damage on a car can be embarrassing, as well as costly to fix—especially if the scratch is deep enough to cause the metal underneath to rust. Car paint damage is definitely unsightly, and it can even lower the resale value of your car.

The list of things that can cause car paint damage is long and varied. Everything from bird droppings to coffee can cause your car’s paint job to lose some of its luster and shine. If you’re main concern as a car owner is keeping your ride looking great, it helps to understand some of the biggest enemies your vehicle faces on a daily basis. Below are some of the worst offenders when it comes to causing car paint damage.

Bug Stains

Splattered bugs are a fact of life if you are a car owner. When bug meets car, few people worry about how the car will come out, but splattered bugs can do real damage to your car's paint if left uncleaned. Bugs are highly acidic and can eat into the car paint if left uncleaned for too long.The best way to combat bug damage is to clean the remains off your vehicle regularly. The longer bugs stay smashed on your fender, the harder they're going to be to remove. Keep your car paint bug-splatter-damage free by cleaning them off with bug and tar remover and a cloth. You can also install a car bra on your front bumper to minimize bug splatter, or better yet vinyl car wrap or paint protection film to give your vehicle all-around bug protection.

Bird Droppings

Bugs aren't the only creatures whose leftovers can cause damage to your car paint job. Not only do bird droppings leave a stain on your paint but once they have dried onto the surface of your car they become more of a challenge to remove. Now you are at risk of staining and scratching your car’s paint job while trying to get the bird droppings cleaned up. The best way to prevent staining or scratches is to clean the droppings with a damp cloth as soon as you notice them. Also, try to avoid parking underneath trees if you can help it. Paint protection film applied to the roof of your car can also protect your ride from the damaging effects of bird droppings.

Soda and Coffee

Even the most loving of car owners has occasionally left a cup of coffee or soda sitting on the roof of their car – only temporarily of course – when they needed an extra free hand to get the kids or belongings into the car. Be very careful not to spill anything onto your car. Soda and coffee are both highly acidic, and if left uncleaned, can eat into your car's paint. If you do spill, clean it up immediately with a cloth and wash down the area. Although you should always clean up spilled coffee or soda immediately, spills often happen when you're in a rush and taking the time to diligently clean up every spot isn't feasible.Having a paint protection film on your car can give you peace of mind about the state of your paint, even if you have to make the morning commute with no coffee. Paint protection film creates a clear barrier between your car's paint and the outside world, helping prevent the stains, scratches and car paint damage driving your car every day can cause.

Rouge Carts and Careless Parking

You love your car dearly, but not everyone cares as much about maintaining that perfect paint sheen. When out and about in your ride, avoid parking near the cart-collecting area of any parking lot—a runaway cart can do a number on your car paint. You should also avoid squeezing into parking spaces or parking too close to other vehicles. If you can, look for a more secluded parking spot. It might be a bit more of a walk, but you're less likely to have a nasty surprise waiting for you when you come back.If your car paint is damaged by a cart or vehicle, first assess the damage. Car paint damage that only affects the clear coat can be repaired with some gentle buffing and cleaning. If the scratch is deeper and shows a white or silver color, get a bottle of touch up paint in a color matching your vehicle, apply to the scratch, and buff away until the paint is even. Of course, this is another benefit of paint protection film since it prevents most minor scratches and chips that would otherwise break the surface of your car’s paint job.

The Ultimate in Car Paint Protection

Having a paint protection film can give you an even greater sense of security knowing that if a piece of small road debris unexpectedly flies your way or a bird relieves itself on the hood of your car and you can’t get to it right away, you've got an extra layer of protection between you and the paint damaging world. To learn more about the benefits of paint protection film, contact Auto Super Shield, Florida’s premier PPF installer.Contact us online or call us at (561) 367-0101 to learn more about our amazing paint protection films and luxury vinyl car wraps.


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