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What is Paint Protection Film?

What is Paint Protection Film?

Auto SuperShield installs a transparent paint protection film, specially designed to adhere to your vehicle's painted finish. AutoSuperShield services all of South Florida including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, even Orlando, and surrounding areas. Auto SuperShield paint protection film is more than just a transparent auto bra, because it can be used in so many different areas of your car (i.e. mirrors, door cups, door edges, rocker panels, rear bumper).

The clear, tough, conformable thermo-plastic urethane has ultra violet inhibitors to keep the paint protection films from yellowing on your vehicles painted surface. All our films come with a high performance adhesive system that is pressure sensitive and ensures long-term adhesion to your vehicles vulnerable surface. With Auto SuperShield, you can get rid of your old traditional black car bra, and step into the future of transparent paint protection film.

Auto SuperShield Paint Protection Film is ideal for high impact areas on your vehicle's painted surface. It protects your vehicle from stone chips, environmental elements, bugs, and abrasions, and is custom cut by computer to fit your vehicle precisely. Auto SuperShield paint protection film does not alter the appearance of your car in anyway, and allows the luster of your paint to shine through, while protecting it in the process.

How AutoSuperShield Protects Your Paint Job
One of the most difficult parts of keeping a vehicle looking new is maintaining its paint job. While careful driving can prevent dings and scratches, it cannot prevent fading from the sun, bug damage, chips or paint oxidation. For the longest time the only solution to prevent this type of paint damage was to use an auto bra that covered your cars' front end; but bras are not particularly attractive and can actually do damage to a paint job over time.

With SuperShield Paint Protection Film, you have an invisible option. This transparent film covers your paint, keeping it protected from the elements. Auto SuperShield paint protection film, protects your vehicle inside and out, and can apply this protective coating to not only the front of your vehicle but to any painted surface that has constant environmental exposure.

Repainting or repairing a vehicle is expensive and tricky work. If not done correctly, it can lower the value of your vehicle and keep it from looking its best. Instead, use SuperShield Paint Protection Film to keep your paint from chipping, fading or becoming damaged. In addition to our standard paint protection film, we also offer satin, matte and XPEL ultimate film, our premium self-healing option.

Looking for an opinion on the best luxury film for your car? We can design something totally custom and great looking. Our design experts are standing by to talk with you.

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