Why does car paint chip so easily? Benefits of Water based paint vs Paint Protection Film

June 20, 2020

Why does car paint chip so easily is a question that many car owners ask themselves every time they find a paint chip. Unfortunately, the causes of car paint chips are many and you cannot avoid them because the causes are found in every highway, parking lot and in offload driving. Some of the major causes of car paint chips include temperature fluctuations, stones, rocks, bird droppings, moisture, abrasive cleaners, dirty cleaning cloths, sand, dirt, gravel and salt among others. The majority of these hazards gets into contact with your car in the form of flying objects.If you have been driving a long time you must be wondering why does car paint chip so easily nowadays? Well, the answer to that question is because technology has brought changes in the auto industry. Traditionally, the majority of car paints was lead based but today paint is water based, which increases the risk of chipping. The change from lead based paints to water based car paint is due to the non-toxic nature of water based paints. Water based auto paints are also easy to use, cost effective, and convenient to use. The benefits of water-based car paints outweigh the disadvantages and thus, there is no chance of a turn around. This means the question of why does car paint chip so easily will remain relevant and thus, you need to learn how to fix the problem.It is easy to fix the problem of car paint chipping because the majority of the causing hazards are light, which means only the top layer of your car paint is affected. You can repair the damage using a touch up paint pen, touch up paint brush and an automotive spray paint can for larger areas. Even though it is quick and easy to fix the problem of car paint chipping, you might need to undertake the process every weekend to keep your car as radiant as new. This is challenging to maintain especially if you are busy. You therefore need a permanent solution to paint chipping problem.The best way that you can protect your car from the negative effects of scratches, debris and stone chips among other day-to-day hazards is by using a paint protection film.Paint protection film is an invisible non-yellowing film that you can wax and maintain just like you do with your car paint. The protection film contains self-adhesive pressure sensitive systems that you can remove without damaging the paint of your car. They are also durable and strong for extra protection against heavier hazards.


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