What Is The Best Type Of Tint For Car Windows?

December 31, 2020

What Is The Best Type Of Tint For Car Windows?

Tinting the windows of your ride is the ultimate way to add that extra-special element. After all, your car is an extension of your personality and style, so it should reflect exactly that. But what’s the best type of tint for car windows? There are loads on offer, making it a little daunting to understand which will best complement your vibe.

The following is an easy guide to understanding the differences between the various tinting options available.

Car Tint for Windows: What you need to know

·      The different types of car tint

·      The advantages of using window car tint

·      Finding the best car tint shop: near me might not be the best option

The different types of car tint

There are many different types of window tints, ranging from the manufacturer, the look, and the effect you want to achieve. 

The options available are:

  • Crystalline window tint: This comes in a range of shades, from a zero tint through to a moderate tint. It doesn’t make the windows very dark but it does block solar heat and UV rays.
  • Metallic film window tint: A popular choice as it makes the windows appear shiny from the outside. As the name suggests, it contains metal elements. This means it’s a great option for blocking the sun and UV rays. The biggest disadvantage is that the metal can disrupt cell phone and GPS signals.
  • Carbon film: Another great choice and one that many people go for as it doesn’t contain metal. Therefore, there’s no issue with signal blocking, as in the metallic option. Again, it’s great for blocking heat and UV rays, is highly durable, and looks pretty cool as well.
  • Dyed window tinting: This is an alternative method of altering the look of the glass. It involves the application of layers of dye to the windows. It has less longevity than most of the other options and is reflected in the cheaper price. The process absorbs some elements of solar heat but isn’t as effective as the other options. It also fades with time so needs to be re-applied when this happens.
  • Hybrid window film: This is a combination of metallic window film and dyed window tinting. This leads to more of the advantages of each type and less of the disadvantages. It can’t provide a very dark tint but it’s quite effective at blocking UV rays and heat.

The advantages of using window car tint

There are many advantages of adding window tint to your car.

  • Increases your privacy. It also means items left inside the vehicle are less noticeable if you forget to pack everything out of sight when you park up
  • Reduces color fade in the interior of the vehicle
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Can reduce the need to use air-con, offering a small increase in fuel economy
  • Helps keep the car cool
  • It looks great!

 Finding the best car tint shop: near me might not be the best option

Unfortunately, there are many different qualities of window tint, ranging from the excellent to the very (very) poor. In addition, providers of window tinting services also differ in how well they carry out the service.

The effective application of window tint is an artform. This is why you should choose who you entrust your vehicle to with great care. Not only should they be experienced in carrying out the process, but they should also offer a variety of window tint options. A quality service will also include discussing your expectations and advising on which type of tint will best suit your needs.

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