What Does Paint Protection Film Do?

June 20, 2020

Paint protection film (or PPF) is fast becoming a must-have accessory for luxury cars. After all, that gleaming bodywork is the result of a huge amount of expertise, passion, and hard work, so you owe it to your pride and joy to keep its beautiful looks in pristine condition. The following delves into the intricacies of PPF, and the many (many!) reasons why you need it on your car…

Paint Protection Film: What is it, exactly?

·      What is PPF?

·      What does paint protection film do?

What is PPF?

PPF is a second skin for your car. Made of polyurethane, urethane, or flexible acrylic, it’s carefully applied to all or certain areas of a vehicle’s paintwork to provide extra protection against the elements.

What does paint protection film do?

PPF is designed to provide a tough, invisible coating to the precious paintwork. It repels water (you’ll see this described as “hydrophobic”) and protects from damage caused by stone chips, debris, and environmental contaminants. It also is excellent at preventing those dreaded paint swirls, as well as protection against the acidic properties of bird droppings and bug splatters.

How Does Paint Protection Film Work?

·      Self-healing properties

·      The advantages of PPF

Self-healing properties

Aside from the tough layer of protection already mentioned, paint protection film is a rather clever invention that, if it gets scratched, has the ability to “self-heal”. This occurs when the PPF is heated, either by the natural use of the car, by the sun, or with the application of a little warm water.

The advantages of PPF

Almost too numerous to mention, they include the following:

-       Actively rejects road debris damage and minor stone chips, leaving only a tiny mark on the film itself. This then self-heals leaving the surface in pristine condition once again.

-       PPF is virtually impenetrable, meaning the paintwork beneath remains in showroom condition for far longer than if it’s directly exposed to the elements.

-       Repels dust, making cleaning a breeze…

-       Protects from the fading caused by UV rays and other environmental causes.

-       It’s invisible—no-one will have any idea it’s on the car.

-       Increases the resale value. Scratches and paint damage are one of the biggest aspects that’ll drive down the price when the time comes to sell on. PPF massively decreases such damage.

-       It provides a chemical barrier to paint and bodywork damage. Scratches—even small ones—build up moisture over time, leading to unwanted corrosion. The only way to polish out such scratches is by using harsh products, and these lead to problems, such as discoloration, over time. Treating your car with PPF negates the chances of those scratches happening in the first place.

-       Saves valuable money and time on unnecessary repairs, meaning you get to spend more time enjoying your wheels, rather than staring at in the garage…

Quite simply, the answer to the question, “what does paint protection film do?” is a simple one… It’s without a doubt the best investment you can ever make for your luxury car. Once you’ve experienced its many advantages you’ll be a convert, that we promise…

Don’t Leave Application to Chance: Use a professional source

Paint protection film is an application every luxury car owner should take full advantage of. But with a few provisos…. Poorly applied PPF is, quite simply, a waste of money. Not only does it have a shortened life-span, but if the preparation of the car’s surface is in the slightest bit flawed then there’s a heightened risk of damaging the paintwork when the time comes for it to be removed and/or replaced.

Such a costly mistake makes it a no-brainer as to the necessity of using a subject matter expert to apply the product. Auto SuperShield is the go-to provider for paint protection film and vehicle wraps, offering a variety of types including paint protection film (3%), Xpel, Suntek, and more. After all, when you’ve invested money into the ride of your dreams, why on earth would you risk its stunning beauty with an inferior application of PPF (and that includes DIY options too…).

Find out more and discover the professional application choices at https://www.autosupershield.com


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