Although almost impenetrable, Auto SuperShield paint protection film (PPF) is virtually invisible and provides a nice looking, hard, glossy top coat to your vehicle.

If you drive a luxury car, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Here’s a look at some of the premium paint protection films we install.

XPEL Ultimate PPF – Premium Self-Healing Paint Protection Film

Looking for a premium paint protection film for your sports car? XPEL Ultimate is the answer. Self-healing and gorgeous to look at, this film features best-in-class durability and clarity. It sheds contaminants that standard films simply can’t match. Plus, no swirl marks or fine scratches. XPEL ULTIMATE is the choice for the elite sports car enthusiast. So what are you waiting for? Get this film on your racecar or custom hot rod today!

SunTek PPF – Premium Self-Healing Paint Protection Film

SunTek’s premium self-healing paint protection film features a proprietary self-healing top coat formulation that is scratch and crack resistant. SunTek’s premium PPF also features a high-gloss finish with superior optical clarity. The result of installing this PPF on your vehicle is protection against chips, scratches, fading, and corrosion and enhancement of your car’s factory paint. SunTek’s self-healing PPF comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty.

XPEL STEALTH PPF – Satin Paint Protection Film

Thinking of a beautiful satin look for your paint protection? XPEL STEALTH is here. With this popular choice, Auto Super Shield can guarantee the look, color and protection you need using a clear polyurethane coat with a satin finish. You’ll love the performance of XPEL STEALTH. Whether it’s a rock, dirt or debris, there’s no need to worry. Your paint underneath will be safe. It’s also great for clear bra protection over painted matte finishes and matte vinyl stripes.

XPEL Ultimate PPF – Premium Self-Healing Paint Protection Film

Satin Guard is 300% thicker than matte vinyl products, which means greater protection from road debris, oily substances, UV rays, and other causes of automotive paint damage. This premium paint protection film also features Dual Tone Technology (DDT) which allows the film to exhibit satin metallic flakes based on lighting conditions for a more shimmering and eye-catching finish. Prestige Satin Guard PPF comes with a seven-year manufacturer warranty.

Matte Paint Protection Film

How about a complete flat matte finish film? Auto Super Shield uses a matte film on cars that have a matte paint job or for glossy colored cars where a simple temporary matte paint is needed. Like our standard 3M film, it will preserve your factory paint for the life of your vehicle. Our matte film will exactly fit your car and protect against road debris, environmental elements, bugs, and abrasions. Take a look at matte filmed vehicles now!