Types of Vehicle Paint Protection Film Products
Auto SuperShield installing paint protection film on a 2013 Porsche 991 Carrera S

Types of Vehicle Paint Protection Film Products

When you buy your car new, you love the fact that it has no flaws. The interior is fresh, the paint is shiny, and you still enjoy that new car smell. While you can protect the interior and invest in a new car scent, keeping the exterior of your car looking new is not quite as easy. If you want to protect your factory paint and keep your car looking great, it is time to consider buying vehicle paint protection film. Here at Auto SuperShield, we offer a variety of different types of vehicle paint protection film products to help those who take pride in their cars.


What is Vehicle Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film or a “clear bra” is a film that acts like a protective barrier between your vehicle’s paint and exterior elements. These automotive films are specially designed to adhere to your factory paint finish so that all of the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle are protected on a daily basis. The films we offer are specially sized to fit mirrors, door edges, door cups, rear bumpers and more. If you are looking for superior paint protection, make an investment into the future appearance of your vehicle.

What Types of Vehicle Paint Film Do We Offer?

Now that you know what this specialized film does, it is time to compare all of the products we offer. Not all paint protection films are created equally. We promise to offer you the best films on the market that will deliver the best protection for your prized vehicle. Here are the films that we offer to the public:

* Transparent Paint Protection Film

If you are looking for a clear vehicle bra that will not affect the outward appearance of your vehicle, our transparent paint protection film is perfect. The durable invisible layer is designed to withstand bumps and scrapes so that your vehicle’s paint job does not have to suffer.


* 3M Paint Protection Film

It says a lot when a highly regarded company like 3M trusts you to do business with them.  3M is a leader in the automotive aftermarket industry and has partnered with us to develop custom film products that are cut to fit your car perfectly and protect it from road debris. The layer is not only impenetrable, it is also invisible.

For more than 15 years, we have been 3M’s largest dealer and helped vehicle owners keep their cars looking new. If you are looking for the most effective way to preserve your vehicle’s paint and its value, call Auto SuperShield and we will be happy to help you select the best paint film products available.

*Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film – Premium Self-Healing Film

Looking for a premium paint protection film for your sports car? XPEL Ultimate is the answer. Self-healing and gorgeous to look at, this film features best-in-class durability and clarity. It sheds contaminants that standard films simply can’t match. Plus, no swirl marks or fine scratches. XPEL ULTIMATE is the choice for the elite sports car enthusiast.

Wendy Feliu