2013 Jaguar XE

Top 3 New Sportscars for 2013

2013 Jaguar XE

Sportscars are cool, fast, and offer great rides wherever you need to go. Every year there are several new sportscars that come available to purchase that are easy to admire. Here are the top 3 new sportscars for 2013.

The 2013 Subaru BRZ

This sporty coupe with dashing looks offers an inexpensive price for plenty of power and control. It has several features worth mentioning including a tilt telescoping steering wheel, power windows, locks and mirror, folding rear seats, a keyless entry and a navigation system. This sportscar is a rear drive only and is packed with AWD. It has a four cylinder engine that receives 22 to 30 mpg and it has a low center gravity to help give more control to the driver. It costs from $25,000 to $28,600.

2013 Jaguar XE

This is a classic two seat rear wheel drive convertible that is expected to help boost Jaguar sales. It has a fabric top and a lightweight body with a front engine that sits behind the front axle. It gives serious competition to the Porsche and BMW. The Jaguar’s dashboard features a touch screen and incorporates internet based driver assistance. It costs about $60,000, which is several thousand dollars cheaper than other types of Jaguars.

Another one of the top 3 new sportscars for 2013 is the Porsche Boxster.

This is the third generation of the second seat mid engine convertible. It was introduced to the United States in 2005 and had gained a coupe companion, the Cayman in 2007. It has a cloth top and the dimensions are slightly different than other Jaguars. It has a horizontally opposed flat 6 inch engine and a 24 inch wide wheelbase. It is 1.5 inches longer and a height drop of about .4 inches. The overall width of the car remains the same. LED lights replace the conventional lamps and the Boxster has more bulge to its fenders, nose, and rear deck. Its subtle exterior is considered a new cockpit with high quality material.

These are the top three new sportscars for 2013, three beauties that will make anyone turn their head. Stylish, elegant with a smooth ride, they may cost a little more than the average car, but they are not the average car! They offer reasonable miles per gallon along with more features than most vehicles. These sportscars are stunning to look at and will make any driver eager to go out for a drive. Make sure you apply paint protection film to keep you car looking like new.

Wendy Feliu