The Latest Big Name Brands and Companies That Are Using Paint Protection Film to Promote Their Products

June 20, 2020
Auto Super Shield by Jonathon Ziegelman

Paint protection films are products designed to protect the front edge of your car from color damage via abrasion from objects on the road or in the atmosphere. Before the idea of companies placing advertising on these protector films, manufacturers, like Clear Bra, used invisible urethane paint protection covers to keep the original look of the car. Other big names in the paint protection film products include Llumar, Hartz, Clear Shield, Avery and Premier Protective Films, among others.A sports car is more than a means of transport. It is about the class it gives to the driver and the attention it draws. This, though easy to achieve, is not easy to maintain. Logically, your sports car will deteriorate as time and use haves their way. The most important thing is to know how to counter the effect and give the sports car some unique touch or flair that will still command the same attention as it did the day you drove it out of the show room.The best way to do this is to “pimp” your car and get paid in the process. The easiest way is by displaying messages from companies using paint film on cars to promote their products. There are many options, so be sure you identify with the brands that have wide market acceptability. It is in effect a franchising deal; you bear the company’ colors in the hope that it won’t just make your car pretty but also call for positive attention to the brand.Due to the versatility of the paint technology, different companies have partnered with film protection creators to have their names engraved on sports cars that use these protection films. Companies using paint film on cars to promote their products will let people who carry their banners on their cars get the job done for a reduced price or for other additional benefits.Some of the top brand names venturing in the market include Pirelli- the car tire company, Shell BP- the car lubricant and fuel company, Lotto, Virgin Atlantic and others. However, some people argue that carrying logos and adverts from the top companies using paint film makes your sports car conform to the norm. Well, it might. However, if the design and name is good enough then no damage whatsoever will bubble down to your car’s reputation.


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