5 Luxury Car Clubs in South Florida

June 20, 2020

If your vehicle is a product of your lifestyle, then your car is more than just a ride or an investment, it’s an extension of you. It tells the world about you – how confident you are, your status and overall approach to life. In the exclusive South Florida social scene, an exotic, high-performance, classic vintage or high-end luxury car can add to the landscape, and you may feel exhilarated operating a distinctive vehicle along the open roads.


If you’d like to try operating an even more exotic car, you don’t have to purchase an expensive car and deal with the hassles of maintenance to operate one. You can join a luxury car club in south Florida to rent and drive the vehicle of your dreams. Here are some luxury car clubs that will help you enjoy the premium auto lifestyle in South Florida even more:

South Florida Luxury Car Clubs

1. Redline Society – High-end Rentals

If you’ve always wanted to drive ultra-luxury cars that are among the most expensive ever made, explore the membership options at Redline Society. With four annual car-sharing packages, Redline gives you access to most of the Miami car club’s luxury collection so you can drive your dream auto. For instance, the 91-Octane level offers 84 days of access to the luxury car collection per calendar year. Not enough drive time? How about 276 days and fractional ownership of the luxury car of your choice? Be sure to check out Redline’s 91 Octane Car Sharing Package.The luxury car club, which is part of Xotic Dream Cars, also offers VIP packages, weekly rentals and concierge services.

2. The MPH Club

This Miami car club offers a customized membership, which includes access to the exotic cars you desire, your choice of rental days per calendar year, and more.The club also has established membership levels that range from 100 -200 days of luxury car rentals per calendar year, chauffeur services, delivery and pick-up of your rental among other concierge-style services. The MPH Club’s membership cost per year for its regular membership ranges from $50,000 to $150,000, depending upon the level of membership.

3. Gotham Dream Cars

If you want access to “ultra-exotic” and luxury autos from exclusive manufacturers, such as Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Ferrari to experience driving a high-performance vehicle the way it was meant to be driven, Gotham Dream Cars may be the luxury car club for you.The club also offers the Dream Car Sprint, allowing you to operate a high-performance vehicle on an auto-cross course with no speed limits. Imagine, operating a vehicle designed to be driven at 8,000-rpm without the confines of traffic.After a short safety course and vehicle overview, you can let loose—starting at just $249.

4. Lou La Vie

A fixture on the exclusive Miami social scene, Lou La Vie offers preferential access to an extensive collection of exotic cars without the hassle of ownership. The Miami car club offers three levels of personal membership, from silver to platinum and prices that range from $20,000 to $50,000 in annual membership fees.Members also receive invitations to private events and receive VIP services as part of the Lou La Vie’s Miami car club membership.

5. Millionaire’s Concierge

One of the best concierge services in south Florida, Millionaire’s Concierge offers a wide variety of exotic vehicles to rent, but members can also request a specialty car that is not currently in the luxury car club’s inventory. The company also offers access to VIP events, luxury accommodations and 24/7 roadside assistance.

High Performance Driving Events and Education

Although not usually associated with luxury events, a south Florida meetup club is offering high-speed auto events throughout Florida and Georgia. The High Performance Driving Events meetup group offers access to world-famous tracks, like the Sebring Raceway, Homestead-Miami Speedway, Daytona and even more race tracks, so you can put your performance vehicle on the track.This meetup has an exciting calendar that features course track events, club racing, top-speed runs and autocross events.You deserve to own and operate a car that fits your lifestyle and tastes. Whether you decide to join a luxury car club or not, your everyday vehicle still deserves love and attention to maintain its value and high functionality.If you’d like to know about the latest window film tint or car paint protection, contact an Auto Super Shield customer representative at 506-367-0101.


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