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Mercedes SL 65 Black Edition

SL 65 Black Edition Facts and a Wrap

The V-12 engine might be on its way to the list of endangered fuel-guzzlers, However, Mercedes Benz and its SL 65 AMG have simply refused to let go of this power plant. V-12 enthusiasts can now enjoy, at least for the time being, the power of the engine after Mercedes decided to slip it into their latest SL roadster, the SL65 AMG.

Recently, Auto SuperShield had the opportunity to wrap a Black Edition in a complete self-healing paint protection wrap.  Our south Florida customer chose to leave no paint uncovered.  Take a look at the process in this video:

This new model packs more than just a V-12. Mercedes has done away with the SL65’s foldable metal roof for a lighter carbon fiber fixture cutting 250kg from the kerbweight. With redesigned exhaust, bigger turbos and a few tweaks on the ECU, the Black Edition releases an impressive 670bhp at 737lb ft torque at 2200-4200rpm.

Running all this power on a slightly lighter chassis will obviously not go unnoticed. Top speed is an achievable 200mph courtesy of its aggressive accelerations at the tap of the throttle on the straights. Though a spin of the wheel might give you some under steer, the car has amazing body control capabilities and its steel brakes are more than enough to bring you from speed to still in seconds on demand.

Of all the cars in this range, the only worthy opponent on the list is the Ferrari 599. While it has a more welcoming interior finish, this might be all the Ferrari has on the table against the SL 65 Black Edition. Both cars are equally fast. The Ferrari is cheaper but the SL is easier to use and drive; you might call this a deal of compromises.

Mercedes SL 65 Black Edition in a full Paint Protection Wrap!

Mercedes SL 65 Black Edition in a full Paint Protection Wrap!

The question is, after learning all about the SL 65 Black Edition, would you still buy it? Well,  the answer depends on what you want and how much you are willing to pay to get it. If you want a car that will make people stop and stare, then the SL 65 is the car for you.

Wendy Feliu