Protecting Your Cars Paint Job | Vehicle Wraps vs. Paint Protection Film
Porsche GT2 RS Limited Edition

Protecting Your Cars Paint Job

Recently a lot of our customers and fans have asked us how to keep their pant jobs from getting scratched and chipped. There are few ways to keep your car paint looking good and protect against scrapes & chips.

Porsche GT2 RS Limited Edition

Porsche GT2 RS Limited Edition

Car wax is a great way of protecting your paint from discoloration and from rust. Waxing your vehicle is one of the easiest, and least expensive, means of providing protection to your paint from the elements. However, wax does have its short comings; wax will not protect your paint job from chips and scrapes caused by rocks, branches, minor rubs from other cars, and of course, collisions. Some waxes only add a shine and do not protect against the outside elements. Stick with silicone waxes as they add a protective layer to your paint.

Buffing your car is another simple and inexpensive way to add protection to your vehicle and keep your car paint looking good. Buffing your car restores your paint while also adding a protective coating. While buffing your car is a positive step in the right direction in preserving your paint from scratches, it should not be your only choice; waxing and wrapping should be also be utilized.

Car wraps, also known as car bras to some people, are probably the best way to protect against scrapes and chips while also preserving your paint from scratches. There are two types of car wraps: paint protection films  and vehicle wraps.

First, we take a look at paint protection films, also known as clear wraps. We can say from experience that this is the best way to protect your car against chips, scrapes, scratches, fading, and discoloration. We have had a clear paint wrap on most of our own vehicles for the past 20 plus years and it almost never lets us down. Clear wraps will protect your paint job from scratches from rocks and even rust. Clear wraps do not come without a drawback: they are significantly more difficult and time consuming to apply to your car than wax. However, once you see the additional protection you get from wrapping your car, you will thank yourself (and Auto Super Shield) for taking the extra time to do the job right.

The other type of wrap is a solid car bra. A car bra is a piece of fabric that fits over the front of your car. The protection your car gets from a solid vehicle wraps is unparalleled compared to other methods: solid vehicle wraps are the real deal and will even protect against some major bumps and bruises. However, solid vehicle wraps have some drawbacks, namely that it covers the front of your car completely and some people think they aren’t that attractive.

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Wendy Feliu