How To Wash Matte Wrap Car

September 13, 2020

How To Wash Matte Wrap Car

The longevity and good looks of your matte car wrap are intimately linked to how well you care for it. Cleaning and washing should be carried out in a manner that promotes the well-being of the wrap. Get this right and you’ll enjoy multiple years of wrap and color perfection. So, let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts of how to wash your matte wrapped car.

Washing Matte Vehicle Wraps: Everything you need to know 

·      Regular washing is the key to good matte car wrap maintenance

·      Do this when washing matte vehicle wraps

·      But don’t do this…

Regular washing is the key to good matte car wrap maintenance

Matte car wraps (indeed, any wrap finish or graphic additions) don’t only deserve to be kept clean, but keeping them free from dirt and contaminants will increase their lifespan. In short, if the car looks dirty, it needs to be washed. Failure to do so can means that the dirt becomes harder to remove, meaning more effort to get it off and an increased risk of scratching the vinyl or, eventually, it might cause stains or damage to the wrap itself.

Do this when washing matte vehicle wraps

The following are all good practices when caring for your matte wrapped wheels.

  • Begin the wash with gently spraying clean water onto the car to rinse off loose grit and dirt.
  • Always use clean, soft sponges and/or cloths.
  • Only use cleaning products that are recommended to be used with car wraps. Such detergents should be non-abrasive and chemical-free.
  • After soaping and washing the car, rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • After rinsing, remove the excess water with a silicone squeegee.
  • Always finish the process by polishing with a microfiber cloth—this will reduce any water spots and leave your ride gleaming clean.

But don’t do this… 

Don’t use wax or any other coating products.

While you can use automated car washes, we’d question why you want to. Sure, they’re convenient, but brush car washes, in particular, can scratch the wrap, and even get under the joins and cause it to lift. They can also dull the color. If you must use a car wash, only use those that are billed as “touchless”. 

A quick word on pressure washers. While not recommended, pressure washers can be used under the following conditions:

  • Use a low temperature (below 180 °F)
  • Keep the pressure low—below 2000 psi
  • Ensure the spray nozzle is wide (a 40-degree wide pattern)
  • Don’t bring the nozzle any closer than 1 foot from the wrap and only spray directly onto the car (at a right angle).

How to Wash a Matte Wrapped Car: Special considerations

·      Fuel spills and other contaminants

Fuel spills and other contaminants 

Any fuel spills should be wiped off immediately. As soon as you get the chance, wash, rinse, and dry the surface.

Other nasties, such as bird strikes, tar, or tree sap, should be soaked with hot, soapy water and left for several minutes. Gently wash the contaminant with a soft cloth or sponge. Don’t use anything abrasive, as this will scratch the wrap. If this fails to remove the dirt there are a variety of specialist matte wrap cleaning products on the market that you can use to spot clean the area.

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