How To Wash A Velvet Wrapped Car

December 28, 2021

How To Wash A Velvet Wrapped Car

Velvet wrapped cars are a pretty new thing—but where the Kardashian’s lead, others are sure to follow. They’re certainly the latest hot trend to hit the streets. Velvet wraps come in black (hugely popular) and other rich colors, including cappuccino, deep blue, orange, raspberry, sports red, and more.

But how on earth do you wash them? Can you even wash them? We think the answers will surprise you.

Read on to discover quite how easy a velvet wrapped car is to maintain…

All About Velvet Car Wrap

  • What is a velvet car wrap?
  • Washing and maintaining a velvet wrapped car
  • Where can I get a velvet car wrap?

What is a velvet car wrap?

A velvet car wrap is exactly as it sounds: an aftermarket installation that literally makes your vehicle look like it’s covered in the plushest of velvet. It’s high-end, luxurious, and—when it comes to making a statement—will ensure that heads turn along every street that you drive.

For those who like to stand out from the crowd, a velvet car wrap will elevate your status in any location, including some of the most enviable cities of the world, such as NY, LA, and Miami.

Washing and maintaining a velvet wrapped car 

The good news about washing and maintaining a velvet wrapped car is that it’s exactly the same process as any other wrap. By far the best way to look after it is to wash it by hand (or get a trusted person to do it for you).

Only use a gentle detergent that’s specifically designed for wrapped cars, use clean sponges, rinse the car thoroughly after washing, and dry with a clean chamois or microfiber cloth.

When it comes to automatic car washes, you should avoid those that make contact with the vehicle surface. These brushes are way too harsh on a wrap—in fact, they cause microscopic damage to regular car paintwork as well, so should be avoided. You can use a car wash that only uses spray water and air to clean the car but do try and keep the times you do so to a minimum.

Clean off any spot debris as soon you notice it, such as bird droppings and bug strikes. That way you’ll ensure your plush velvet car wrap will remain as beautiful as the day it was installed for many years to come. 

Where can I get a velvet car wrap?

Velvet wraps look fantastic on vehicles, like sports cars, luxury rides (Rolls Royce or Bentley, anyone?), continental 4X4s, such as a Range Rover, or any car that you want to instantly transform into having the ‘wow’ factor. 

Car wraps are on offer from many locations but be aware that to get them carried out to the standard you expect then you need to use a trusted installer. The best recommendations are undoubtedly word of mouth. But, failing that, head online to check out your local options. Be sure to read the reviews from previous customers (but take them with a pinch of salt) and visit a couple of options before you make your choice. Go with your gut instinct as to which you should choose, this is nearly always the best option.

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