How to Detail a Black Car

June 20, 2020

Tips to Keep Your Black Car Looking Great


Black is arguably the sexiest car color, but it’s also considered to be one of the hardest to keep clean. Of course, black doesn’t necessarily get any dirtier or scratch more easily than any other color, but it does tend to show dirt, swirl marks, and scratches more than pewter and silver. One reason for this is that swirls and scratches in the clear coat contrast with the black paint underneath, creating a more noticeable blemish than similar markings on lighter-colored vehicles.If you want to keep your black car looking sultry and seductive, keep these cleaning and detailing tips in mind the next time you reach for a bucket of suds. Note that these tips will help keep any car’s paint color free of dirt, scratches, and swirls.

Prep Your Car for Washing

The first step is to remove as much mud or dirt from your vehicle as possible before you go over it with a washcloth or sponge. If there’s dirt on the car, you will end up grinding it into the clear coat or paint. To protect against this, spray down your vehicle with a water hose or high-pressure car wash hose prior to scrubbing with soap and water. Remember, every scratch will show on a black car, so take every step you can to keep swirls and scratches to a minimum.

Use the Two-Bucket Method

Similar to the first tip about prepping your car prior to washing, the two-bucket method is intended to minimize unwanted paint swirls or scratches resulting from dirt, mud, and other debris. One bucket is for rinse water only and the other bucket is for the soap/water mixture. Before you dip your wash mitt into the wash bucket, place it in the rinse bucket to get rid of debris you lifted off the vehicle. This will prevent the soap/water mixture from being contaminated with debris that can end up scratching the car’s clear coat or paint job.

Stick to High-Quality, Soft-Touch Materials

Considering that even the lightest scratches can appear on a black exterior, you need to take extra precautions to prevent scratches in the first place. This means using the softest materials you can find for washing and drying your vehicle. A sheepskin, lamb’s wool, or microfiber wash mitt is highly recommended among professional detailers. As far as drying towels are concerned, experts recommend a waffle-weave microfiber towel since it can absorb up to seven times its weight in water without scratching the paint. And speaking of drying, move the towel slowly to avoid dragging it across the paint and potentially scratching the surface.

Don’t Forget the Wax

After washing and drying your vehicle, the last step is to apply car wax, specifically wax designed for black paint. The shine on these specialty car waxes is formulated to create a deeper, darker reflection. That dark, mirrorlike shine is the best part about having a black paintjob, and wax will keep it looking “wet” while also protecting it against light scratches and fading.If you have a black car and want to keep the paint job looking like new, Auto Super Shield has the solution. Our premium paint protection films provide an invisible, near-impenetrable barrier that protects against road debris, environmental elements, bugs, and abrasions. Visit our shop in South Florida and let us give your ride a glossy, protective coat that will turn heads and keep your vehicle looking great.To learn more about our paint protection films, contact us online or call 561-367-0101.



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