How Should You Transport Your Sports Car?
Ferrari Enzo SuperCharged

How Should You Transport Your Sports Car?

Ferrari Enzo SuperCharged

Ferrari Enzo SuperCharged


Driving long distances to pick up or deliver a vehicle is not always convenient. Depending upon the price, you might be better off buying a vehicle in another location and having it shipped to you. Alternatively, you might already own the car, but you need to move it across the country. So, how should you transport your sports car?

Transporting your car is not like shipping a box of tool parts. Vehicles must be carefully placed onto or into a larger car carrier or semi trailer, entrusted to the driver of the vehicle, and transported gingerly across the country. Shipping a vehicle across the United States can cost upwards of $1,000. As such, it’s not a job that should be entrusted to just anyone!

To help protect your paint against rock chips and road damage, consider equipping your car with a transparent paint protection film. Auto SuperShield offers a clear thermoplastic urethane film that protects the car from damage and UV rays.

Before the Shipment

Research transportation companies beforehand. Are they insured for damage? Are they reputable? What do previous customers say? Have there been any complaints?

How they ship is also important. I’d rather not ship a car on an open vehicle. The potential for rock chips, sand blasted paint, and other problems is higher than with a closed container. If you want to use an open carrier, use a car cover.

When the car is about to be shipped, the party at the point of shipping should take several actions:

1.Photograph The Vehicle: Including the underside, rocker panels, and exhaust. Any area that can be damaged should be extensively photographed with a high resolution camera.

2.Photograph The Odometer: Trust, but verify. Nobody wants their shiny new sports car to be delivered with a few hundred extra miles on it and cigarette burns in the ashtray.

3.Photograph The Truck: Having a record of the vehicle onto which your car is being placed may be helpful in the event of a dispute.

4.Photograph The Driver: Ensure that the person who is taking possession of your vehicle is recorded in the event of a dispute.

After the Shipment

The party receiving the vehicle should perform the same actions specified above. When the vehicle is being unloaded from the truck, photograph everything. Examine the odometer. Check for unusual tire wear or rubber behind the wheel well. If the shipping party and the receiving party thoroughly document the point of shipping and point of receipt, and if there is a concern regarding damage, then the responsibility for that damage will fall with the shipping company.


Wendy Feliu