How Much Does a Boat Wrap Cost?

June 20, 2020

Boat Wrap Pricing Factors: Protect Your Investment & Elevate Your Experience With a Vinyl Wrap

You love your boat and the time you spend on the water, sure. But you can elevate the experience of owning a boat and maximize the dollars you’ve spent with a vinyl boat wrap.A wrap does a couple things – it sets your boat apart from the crowd, and it protects the boat’s surface. And when you compare the cost to a custom paint job, you’ll find a wrap is far less expensive. This article explores boat wrap pricing and the value it brings to your boat.

A Boat Wrap Elevates Protection & Personality

Even if you only embark on calm waters, the lapping waves and pounding sun take atoll on your boat’s surface. Vinyl protects the paint and undercoat from daily wear and tear, as well as from the nicks caused by distracted neighbors and occasional bumps and rubs against your slip.If you aim to grab attention while you’re on the water, a vinyl wrap makes it possible. Make your outing an eye-grabbing event with an elegant graphic, dynamic team logo, or shock of color on the bow. If you want to create a unique vibe, you can have a one-of-a-kind design by combining more than one vinyl wrap designs.Not only is a quality vinyl wrap more affordable than a custom paint job, the vibrancy of vinyl will remain long after paint fades. Depending upon the vinyl’s quality, the color may last up to seven years.The cost of a wrap can’t be ball-parked, because boat wrap pricing depends on several factors, including:

  • The size of your craft
  • Type of boat
  • Whether you want full or partial coverage
  • Prefer a graphic wrap or solid color
  • Want a wrap with a special finish
  • Select a clear wrap for protection

Let’s look at each one of these factors.

The Size of your Boat

It should be no surprise that the larger the boat, the higher the price to wrap it. Not only will you use more of the vinyl wrap, but your detailer will have more surfaces to cover and it will cost you more in labor.

Type of Boat

A cruiser’s streamlined design is usually less expensive to wrap than a more complicated vessel like a pontoon boat. Fewer nooks, crannies and seams mean less time to install the vinyl on your boat’s surface.Ask the service provider specifically about the complexity of design and request a detailed quote.

Graphic Design or Solid Color

Wrap designs are similar to high fashion – today’s designs will cost you more than last season’s. If you’re on a budget, consider an older design, a solid color or a combination of the two. One idea is to use the expensive graphic as an accent color and a less expensive solid color as the primary part of the wrap.Special wrap finishes may drive up the price – expect to pay more for a wrap with a sparkly chrome finish, for example.

Full or Partial Coverage

Decide if your primary goal is to achieve a particular aesthetic or if full protection is your ultimate goal. That will help you decide if a partial wrap will work or if you need a full wrap, which impacts your costs. Discuss your ideas and desires with your detailing professional and they can provide some good options to fit your budget.

Clear Paint Protection Film

If protection is your sole purpose, then a clear paint protection film is all you need – and it will be less expensive than the above boat wrap options.No matter which option you choose, to ensure your boat’s beauty is elevated when the wrap is installed, consult with an experienced detailer to share your goals and discuss the options. For more information, contact us online or call Auto Super Shield at (561) 367-0101.


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