How Much Do Fleet Graphics Cost?

June 20, 2020
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A single car or truck with graphics can be seen by tens of thousands of different people in a city each year. Using fleet graphics to get your brand’s message in front of consumers is a cost effective way to build recognition and get results – but the actual costs of outfitting your fleet will vary.Useful vehicle advertising allows you to create a recognizable, branded look for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new vehicles or repainting your lineup. You can also add graphics to bring a cohesive look to a mismatched fleet. The materials you choose, the number of vehicles you have and even the design process are all elements that play a role in determining final costs.How Many Vehicles in the Fleet?The more graphics you need, the lower the cost will be per piece. If you have just a few cars or have only a few vehicles in your lineup, your cost per vehicle will naturally be higher than if you order on a larger scale. The initial design and setup will cost the same whether you order one piece or several dozen. However, once the design proves is complete, you’ll see savings for additional vehicles.Materials Used in Fleet GraphicsThis is where the costs can change the most depending on how eye-catching you want your on-the-move advertising to be. If you choose specialty finishes, textured surfaces or color changing films for your fleet graphics, the price – and the impact – will increase. You can select the piece that suits your performance needs and budget best.Artwork and Design for Vehicle AdvertisingWill you do your own design, or do you need the piece to be designed for you? The complexity of the design itself and the time spent to convert your existing artwork to a format and image that will work well on your existing vehicles adds to the cost. In general, the more design work you’ll need, the higher your overall cost will be.Design impacts your cost in another way, as well. If you choose a branded image that will apply year round, you’ll need to replace it less frequently. If you choose an image that promotes a particular season or event costs will naturally increase, since you’ll need to replace it regularly.Who Applies the Vehicle Branding?Using a professional is a must if you want the graphics to look good and withstand the elements. Poorly applied graphics are worse than no graphics at all; a cheap look is not what potential customers want to see and it's not the message you want to send.Your fleet graphics need to speak directly to what your company does. The best way to come up with a cost is to speak with an expert. Auto Super Shield can help you choose a design that is affordable with a long-lasting impact. Contact one of our fleet graphics experts today to learn more about your options.Auto SuperShield


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