How Long Does it Take to Wrap a Car?

June 20, 2020

If you want to change the look of your ride, you have two options: paint job or car wrap. The second option is by far the cheaper and faster option. We’ve already written about the cost of wrapping a car, so we thought we would spend a few minutes explaining how long it usually takes to get a car wrapped. Keep in mind that the exact length of time required to wrap your car can vary, so it’s best to ask for a timeframe in addition to estimated cost when getting a quote from a car wrap shop.Here’s a sample timeframe of wrapping a car from start to finish. We’ve also included a few notes in places where it may take a little longer to complete a wrap installation depending on whether it’s a “standard” or “custom” vinyl wrap.

Design: 1-3 Days

Depending on the idea you have in mind, the initial consultation can take anywhere between one and three days. You can speed this up if you have a clear idea of what you want the finished vehicle wrap to look like. The more you know about what you want, the more easily designers can create it for you. The design and consultation phase may also take a little longer depending on the type of vehicle since all of your car’s curves and lines will need to be considered during this stage to make sure the wrap fits correctly and looks great.Note: For basic color-change wraps and other straightforward wrap designs, the design consultation can be completed in a few hours or faster.

Printing, Laminating, and Trimming: 1-3 Days

This length of time primarily refers to custom wrap jobs, particularly intricate and one-of-a-kind designs. After the design is finalized and approved, allow for a few days to print, laminate, and trim the vinyl wrap. The installers may need to adjust the design slightly and run a few test prints to eliminate seams and ensure the right fit on your vehicle. The wrap may also require up to 24 hours to dry before going through a laminator. Laminating helps with durability, UV protection, scratch resistance, and prevents against tears while the vinyl is being stretched over the vehicle.

Installation: 1-2 Days

After the wrap is printed, laminated, and trimmed, you will be contacted and asked to bring your vehicle to the shop. After dropping off the keys, you can expect to be reunited with your car in one or two days. Smaller jobs, like partial vehicle wraps, can be done in a single afternoon. The thing to remember is this: A quality wrap job shouldn’t be rushed. It takes time to carefully place the vinyl on the vehicle, trim away the excess material without scratching the body, and doing all of the tedious things it takes to ensure a seamless finish (stretching, heating, trimming, etc.)

Rest Period: 1 Day

Due to the nature of the adhesive used in vinyl car wraps, there is usually a 24-hour “rest period” after the application. This allows the film to fully adhere to the vehicle and makes it easy to spot and fix any bubbles before they spread, grow, and get worse. During this rest period, it’s best not to drive the car as the elements may affect the vinyl before it can fully set.If you’re wrapping a luxury vehicle, how long it takes isn’t nearly as important as how well it’s done. The best car wrap installers are those who take the time to achieve perfection—which is why Auto Super Shield is considered one of the premier luxury vehicle wrap shops in South Florida. We pay strict attention to every single detail for the best-looking finished product. To get a quote and timeframe estimate on wrapping your car, contact us online or call 561-367-0101.


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