Crash Test Results of a Smart Car to a Large SUV
Smart Car Crash Test

Crash Test Results of a Smart Car to a Large SUV

Smart Car Crash TestHow much of a gamble is a SmartCar when it comes to an accident? Especially an accident with an SUV? The SmartCar has been tested extensively, and there is some good news. The crash test results of a Smart car to a large SUV reveal that the driver should survive.

In testing, a side crash was conducted repeatedly in which the Smart Car’s driver’s side airbag deployed. If the dummy had been a real person, it can be assumed that he or she would have survived impact. The entire car, however, would be a loss.

On the positive side, Smart Cars simply don’t go as fast as most vehicles. This means that the speed factor is reduced even if the other vehicle is going fast. This works in favor of the Smart Car.

Obviously size is a huge factor in the crash test results of a Smart car to a large SUV. A SmartCar weighs 700 pounds less than a MiniCooper and is three feet shorter. That comparison alone shows how vulnerable a SmartCar is in the event of a collision. A Smart Car weighs less than a third of the size of a full-size SUV.

Still, the makers of the SmartCar did their best to protect occupants. The vehicle has many airbags. It has a cage around its occupants to withstand the initial shock of the crash. It has pre-tensioned seatbelts to make sure that the right pressure is given to the driver or passenger, depending on their size and the force of the collision. Despite these efforts, the driver dummy hit its head on the steering wheel because the vehicle interior is so cramped. Again, the car was rendered a total loss. Smart Car drivers clearly must take great precautions to avoid accidents because they will be the losers in almost any collision.

The Smart Car’s safety features are the same as most cars. This means that the SmartCar, as safe as engineers tried to make it, is no safer than larger vehicles with size on their side. The real choice comes down to fuel economy and environmental impact. On these two points, no SUV, even the few hybrids, can compare. Whether you own a Smart Car or an SUV, Auto SuperShield can help protect its finish and help you maintain its value longer.

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