Chrome Wraps for cars - The 2013 Report

Chrome Wraps for cars – The 2013 Report


Heading into 2013, chrome wraps for cars are all the rage. Chrome wraps for cars are so popular because they catch the eye of other drivers on the road, they preserve the exterior of your car, and they are setting a new trend in automotive fashion. If you own a business and need to promote it with your cars, you can use a customized chrome wrap with your business’s logo for a very affordable price.

Chrome wraps for cars are not only in, they are now much more reasonably priced than ever, even with cars being wrapped in gold in places like China and other places. Because this is the new trend, you can get a reasonable, if un-flashy, chrome wrap for your car for relatively cheap. The time to secure your car’s exterior while turning heads is now.

In 2013, the options for chrome wrapping have grown. You can color your car now with any variety of new styles from mirror- like reflective to a solid candy paint style. Chrome wraps are appearing on all sorts of new cars from Lamborghinis and other sports cars to cross overs. Many custom chrome shops offer their chrome wraps for a fair price for any vehicle or any metal surface, for that matter. Custom chrome wraps for cars are coming up everywhere and for lower prices than ever before. Most shops offer to chrome wrap your car for between four dollars per square foot to six dollars per square foot.

Protect your car with a chrome wrap that makes your car look great and protects the exterior of your car. Most shops offer a great adhesive wrap in addition to a hard shell that protects the chrome and the paint underneath. Chrome wrap shops are popping up all over the country, offering full car services for competitive prices for any car. Most chrome shops do not need a base layer and offer a one layer adhesive that bonds with the surface of your car, and coated with a special chrome paint. Some shops also develop thicker and thinner adhesives to bond with all surfaces. Chrome wraps are the wave of the future for all cars to come.

Get your car chrome wrapped and stay in fashion for the new year. 2013 is the year for chrome wrap jobs – a great way to turn heads and protect the exterior of your car!

Wendy Feliu