Car Paint Protection Film Reviews

June 20, 2020
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It’s a sad but unavoidable fact of life that nothing lasts forever. Anything put upon this earth must eventually deteriorate and return to the dust from which it came. And nowhere is this truism more noticeable than your car’s paint job.It starts almost as soon as you drive off the showroom floor, or just after you get it out of the shop with brand spanking new paint. All the hostile elements conspire to nick, scratch, scrape, and fade that beautiful design.And there’s really not a whole lot you can do about it besides sit back and despair, and enjoy it while it lasts. Or is there?Truth is, modern technology has provided a way to beat Mother Nature’s relentless onslaught in the form of paint protection films. Now it’s possible with just a small investment to extend the life of your car’s gorgeous paint job for many years. New products on the market fulfill a variety of different protection roles, and with a little research you can decide on the best paint protection film for your particular needs.To help you get a better feel for what’s available, here are a few car paint protection film reviews, to provide a closer look at some of the more popular products on the market.3M Paint Protection Film – From one of the most innovative and technologically-advanced companies on the planet comes a well-formed basic paint protection film. Originally designed for the military, 3M PPF is an overall protective film, able to be used anywhere on your vehicle. It resists scratches, scuffs and stains.It’s also easy to maintain, just a regular wash and wax with high-quality cleaning products keeps your paint job looking like new. It resists fading and yellowing, and works to cover up any existing scratches and blemishes. It’s the only PPF to be officially recognized by NASCAR, so you know it does something right.Xpel Ultimate Premium PPF – Billed as the world’s only “self-healing” clear PPF, it actually repairs itself over time, causing swirl marks and small scratches to disappear. It’s unique layered design of space-age elastomeric polymers provides a highly durable and scratch-resistant coating. An excellent choice for all-around care.SunTek Premium PPF – Another solid choice, SunTek Premium incorporates self-healing properties, resetting the surface of the film to eliminate minor-damage blemishes. It’s highly elastic and easily stretched, simplifying installation and allowing for less cuts and therefore less edges in the overall coverage.It’s almost invisible on the car, and provides protection against all kinds of normal damage. For Florida residents, sunlight is one of their car’s worst enemies, and SunTek PPF resists the fading, yellowing, and bubbling associated with extreme weather conditions.Prestige Satin Guard PPF – For something a little different with a unique look, Prestige Satin Guard is the way to go. Not only does it provide the best paint protection possible, protecting your car from all the nasty things on the road just dying to mess up your paint job, it also provides a gorgeous satin finish.It does this by using what the company calls Dual Tone Technology, which combines elements within the film to give the effect of a dual-tone satiny paint job. It is also oleophobic, a big word meaning it resists oily substances, like unsightly fingerprints. It also comes with a 7-year warranty covering bubbling, warping, and cracking and always scores high in paint protection film reviews.Matte Paint PPF – Matte paint jobs are menacingly hot these days, and if your car is “murdered out” or has another matte look, you’ll naturally want a matte paint protection film to keep it looking new. Just as durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain as other high-quality PPFs, it’s the only choice that makes sense for matte colors.Opti-Coat Professional – For those who want adequate protection from road debris, sunlight, and other hazards, but don’t want to spend more money, Opti-Coat Professional from PDI Solutions, Inc. is the best option. Opti-Coat is different from other PPFs in that it uses a ceramic clear coat rather than a urethane film. It bonds with the paint on a car to provide a finish that won’t wash away, turn dull, or oxidize.Although this product offers pretty good paint protection, it’s at its best when it is paired with another type of PPF, like 3M or Suntek.A great paint job isn’t cheap, and it deserves to be protected. These top products will all provide the best protection money can buy. If you want to make an appointment or have any questions about PPFs, contact us.

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