Best Way to Wash and Wax your Sportscar

Best Way to Wash and Wax your Sportscar

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Whats the best way to wash and wax your sportscar? First, it is imperative that you become familiar with the best way to have your new purchase detailed. Washing and waxing a sportscar isn’t anything like the normal upkeep required for a run-of-the-mill, middle-aged sedan.

First of all, you’ve got to make sure that the methods used by the professionals responsible won’t affect the paint job of your high-priced beauty. Some wax and wash outfits are so poor and hasty they can return your sportscar to you with a noticeably lower-grade paint film on it, as though it aged ten years in the few hours or days they had it. This is where Auto Super Shield comes in; our paint protection kit is highly sought-after for the protection it affords your sportscar’s exterior, due to the high quality elements involved and the personal pride we take in providing valued customers with top-notch workmanship.

For more specific does-and-don’ts to ensure your sportscar’s paint quality lasts for years to come, the first no-no is the use of regular soap and water. You may have grit and dirt that is very small but very sharp on your car’s exterior, and applying soap directly with a rag or sponge will cause this grit to scratch the exterior microscopically, which will give your sportscar an aged and faded look. You have to first manually remove any debris from crevices; the most common way to do this is by simply copying what you see at the car wash: hose it down. The high-powered water will blast away the crud without affecting your paint job.

Next, you need to employ the right chemical cleaners once the larger pieces of grit have been removed. The chemicals can’t be too harsh, otherwise you’ll end up destroying your paint job instead of restoring or keeping it as pristine as when you first got your sportscar. At this stage, soap isn’t a bad idea, because of its ability to chemically detach the smaller pieces of dust from the car’s surface. Of course, you should never let the soap sit for too long; in fact, you should apply it over one side at a time and then power-wash that side before moving on to other surfaces. This is because dried soap will cake in between the very tiny spaces (you would need a powerful microscope to see them) that are a property of any solid object, and will affect your paint job.

For a look that you can be proud of – and one your friends can be envious of – the final stage of Auto Super Shield’s paint protection kit will get the job done.

Wendy Feliu