7 Tips for Buying Paint Protection Kits Online

June 20, 2020
9 Tips for Buying Paint Protection Kits Online

If you drive a high-end luxury car or any one of the head-turning exotics that can be seen cruising the streets in Miami, you owe it to your ride to protect its appearance with paint protection film. Also known as PPF, paint protection film is an invisible “force field” of sorts that protects the underlying paint job from chips, scratches, swirls, fading, and other cosmetic damage that can detract from the supreme beauty of your vehicle.There are car customization and appearance enhancement shops near you that can perform a seamless PPF installation, but you also have the ability to purchase paint protection film kits online and tackle the job on your own (or with a little help from your friends). If you prefer the DIY route, how do you know which online PPF kit is the best? Here is a bit more information about paint protection film and some advice on how to find the best PPF kit for your vehicle.

What is Paint Protection Film?

PPF is a clear, strong thermo-plastic urethane that conforms to the surface of your car. UV inhibitors help keep your car’s paint from yellowing and the film protects the highly vulnerable areas on your vehicle’s surface from chips and scratches. Paint protection film also helps prevent auto body corrosion and paint damage resulting from bird droppings, road grime, and brake dust.You can cover the entire vehicle or choose certain panels that are most exposed to damaging elements. With PPF you can ditch the vinyl black auto bra and let the luster of your paint shine. High-grade paint protection film does not show seams because it is custom cut by a computer to your specific vehicle’s dimensions.

Look for Full Coverage PPF Kits

With many paint protection film kits you will get small pieces that you must lay seam to seam. If you do not perform this task to perfection, you will be able to see the breaks in the film. For complete car protection, also make sure that the PPF kit you purchase comes with full coverage. In other words, look for paint protection film kits that come with full sheets of film that fit precisely to each section of the vehicle.A full coverage PPF kit should include film that’s custom cut for your specific make and model for the following areas:

  • Rocker Panel
  • Hood, Fenders, and Mirrors
  • Roof and A-Pillar
  • Bumper
  • Doors and Rear Fender
  • Roof
  • Headlamp

Verify the online shop you are purchasing from has the exact cut for your specific vehicle. Auto Super Shield has kits for everything from a 1961 Chevy Corvette to a 2017 Tesla Model S, and everything in between. Search for your luxury vehicle here.

Quick Tips for Buying Paint Protection Film Kits Online

  1. Buy film that is sized exactly to the area you are covering, not small pieces where seams can be visible.
  2. Be sure the PPF kit you are buying is cut to the exact measurements of your specific make and model.
  3. Research the type of paint protection film included in the kit and make sure it is high quality and designed exclusively for luxury cars like yours.
  4. Purchase only from a dealer who is certified by the biggest names in paint protection film, including 3M, SunTek, and XPEL.
  5. Look for paint protection film that comes with a manufacturer warranty for added confidence and peace of mind in the quality of the film you are buying.
  6. Read online reviews and testimonials of the companies and brands you are looking to purchase from so you can count on excellent customer service.
  7. Ask if professional installation is available in case you run into problems or decide you would prefer to have a professional apply the paint protection film to your car.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

Proper PPF installation takes time, patience, experience, and knowledge. It also requires certain tools that you may not have lying around the garage. Of course these tools can also be purchased online, and there are plenty of PPF installation resources to help guide you through the process. But it goes without saying that having a highly trained and certified professional handle the job will give you a flawless finish the first attempt.Auto Super Shield installers are creative professionals that help you through the entire process from beginning to end. They are excellent craftsmen who pride themselves on perfection. Auto Super Shield specializes in paint protection film for high-end luxury cars and exotic vehicles. You can order one of our high-performance PPF kits online today, or contact us to learn about professional installation.


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