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If 3M’s Crystalline Window Tint sounds tempting, but the price tag is just a little too steep, SunTek Window Film’s CarbonXP Window Tint may be a perfect alternative that fits windows just as well and budgets just a little bit better. SunTek still boasts next-generation film technologies, and the CXP’s impressive qualities make it an excellent choice for style and function.

SunTek CXP Window Tint is non-metal and uses Signal Enabling Technology, which means it will not interfere with any wireless signal devices – keyless entry systems, satellite radio, remote start, etc. The use of carbon technology also cuts down on Visible Light Reflectance, or VLR. VLR is how much of the sun’s brightness is bounced off the window tint, meaning the higher the VLR, the darker it will be inside the automobile. This can be frustrating for vehicle owners who would prefer window tint to merely filter out harmful rays or simply improve the look of the car. CXP has a VLR as low as 5%, with some of the most competitive figures on the market.

In addition, CXP can be installed with a Visible Light Transmission from 6%-80%, giving customers an incredible range of how dark the window tinting will appear from outside the vehicle. Keep in mind that “Limo Tint” has 5% VLT, and that each state has its own limits on minimum VLT – anyone considering CXP for a daily driver should review their state law before deciding. Of course, regardless of how dark the window tint is, each CXP product protects against over 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

In case the price difference between the 3M and SunTek tints brews uncertainty, know that SunTek stands by their CXP product with a lifetime warranty that even covers fading. That provides peace of mind if money is a factor in window tint selection. For anyone interested in a reduction in cabin heat, UV rays, and final price tags, SunTek’s CarbonXP Window Tint is a perfect choice.


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