Paint Protection Kits


  • Auto SuperShield guarantees the highest quality installation available for over 15 years. Our installation center in Boca Raton, Florida has been specifically set up for paint protection installations.
  • Auto SuperShield is a certified 3M Dealer and Installation Center.
  • South Florida’s only 3M Certified Training Facility.
  • South Florida’s only paint protection company specializing in exotic cars.
  • Auto SuperShield has the ability to cover entire body panels, including hoods, fenders and bumpers seamlessly.

Seamless Paint Protection Kits. All Auto SuperShield  kits are seamless, so it takes a highly skilled installer to install such a large piece of film. Some other paint protection company’s kits come in many small pieces, which makes for an easier and faster installation. However, this makes for a very unattractive finished product due to all the visible “seams” where these pieces come together.

Auto SuperShield Paint Protection Kits available for many different applications:

  • Sports car or race car
  • Full-sized luxury vehicle
  • SUV, minivan, or truck
  • Motorcycle or cycle trailer
  • Recreational vehicle
  • Boat or jet ski
  • Tracker trailers
  • Aircraft
  • Marble Countertops

Auto SuperShield has the ability to Create Custom Designs including Classic Cars.

Customers receive a free exterior detailing with a full kit purchase.

Auto SuperShield has the ability to cover entire hoods.


“Auto SuperShield will not let a product pass that we would not accept on our own vehicles. It is this type of commitment that puts us high above the competition. Rest assured that when dealing with Auto SuperShield professionalism, honesty and courtesy is the focus that guides our business.”