Looking for the most high-tech and luxurious film available? Then its time to go with a premium velvet car wrap. We use the Velvet Elite Wrapping Film, a high-quality vinyl coated with deluxe synthetic velvet fibers, to cover your car and make it stand out from the rest. It’s super cool, soft to the touch and designed to protect your vehicle from wear and abrasion and the fibers and film block 100% of the suns damaging rays. Velvet Elite wrapping film was voted one of the top 10 innovations at the SEMA show in 2012. It was awarded 4 Global Media Awards and voted one of the best new products.You’ve done a factory paint job. You’ve tried custom paint on your car. Perhaps you have installed a vinyl Color Change Wrap at some point in the past. But we bet you’ve never had luxury velvet applied to your sports car! Velvet is no longer solely for Tiffany boxes and clothing. It’s used on some of the hottest, sexiest sports cars in the world. And one thing is clear: You’ll definitely stand out. We’re guessing you’ll be the talk of the car show…or neighborhood when you roll up with a Velvet Elite car wrap. People can’t help but to stop, stare and ask if they can run their fingers over the soft velvet film. Now you have a car that is one of a kind and a car that looks and “feels” different.


Velvet Elite Wrap 9100 is engineered to be applied on the inside and outside of vehicle surfaces. Because it’s coated with special adhesives and durable textile fibers, it can handle any kind of weather. It also looks great on curved surfaces. Velvet Elite Wrap is made from a flexible 720 microns film.Those who understand that impeccably maintained cars translate into higher sale and trade-in value have already embraced the AutoSuperShield process. Dollars spent today for significant protection will easily be returned when it’s time to get a new vehicle.



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