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For auto enthusiasts who want the ultimate in protection for their car but without the high price tag, Opti-Coat Professional by PDI Solutions can protect a vehicle without hitting the pocketbook to hard. While many sports car owners install paint protection films on areas of their vehicle where rock chips and other road debris can damage the paint, Opti-Coat Pro is an effective guard for the rest of the vehicle.

Ultimately, Opti-Coat Professional is an excellent first step in giving a car’s paint the protection it needs from daily dirt, grime, and other elements that can dull or etch into a vehicle’s clear coat. It is an important product which can give any auto enthusiast confidence in maintaining his or her investment.

Opti-Coat Pro is not a urethane film like the majority of PPFs, but a ceramic clear coat that excels at resisting scratching from foreign objects and chemical etching from bugs, bird droppings, and sap. This coating is approximately 100 times thicker than a layer of traditional car wax, but at only 2 microns, will not change the look of an automobile. It also bonds with the vehicle paint and will not wash away, oxidize, or dull.

Aside from the obvious paint protection benefits of Opti-Coat Pro, this product can reduce swirl marks, eliminate the need for periodic wax applications, and increase the long-term resale value of a vehicle. PDI Solutions does still recommend regular washings to avoid unsightly build-up of dust and other environmental contaminants on the vehicle surface.

While Opti-Coat Pro is an excellent choice for full-body vehicle protection, it is important to note that it works best as an overall preventative step and not a high-speed or long-term solution for paint protection where paint chipping is a risk. Where physical damage is likely to occur on an automobile, it is a good idea to pair Opti-Coat Pro with a paint protection film such as Xpel Ultimate Self-Healing PPF or 3M PPF. This combination will keep a vehicle’s paint glossy and shiny as well as protect the car from damage while driving on freeways or through construction areas.



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