Auto SuperShield Offers a Green Alternative with Auto Paint Protection

The Miami Herald

October 21, 2007

How does applying a clear film to a car’s surface, a process that helps it look new long after it’s been driven off the lot, contribute to a greener world? Isn’t it just for appearance? Hardly.

Paint protection, in the form o fa thin urethane film, helps keep the newer “environmentally-friendly” water-based auto paint from chipping due to road debris damage. In the late 90s, auto manufacturers stopped using lead-based paint in favor of the safer but more chip-prone water-based variety. While this shift eliminated an environmental hazard, ti created another problem for drivers.

Car owners experienced greater damage t other paint finish, causing them to re-paint more than before. By protecting vehicles from chipping and other road-related damage, auto owners can reduce or eliminate altogether the need to repaint, a process causing both waste and pollution.

The issues of paint quality – how long the finish lasts – and its ability to stand up to debris and road hazards, as weld as the issue of paint shop pollution, are of great concern to many major auto manufacturers, who spend millions looking for better paints for lasting finishes.

There’s Help Close By

One area company installs a “clear bra”, 3M’s ScotchGard Paint Protection Film and because of its national track record, it is the only certified 3M dealer, installation and training facility in south Florida.

Boca Raton, Florida-based Auto SuperShield clients own exotic cars, motorcycles and race cars, as well as the average person’s vehicle. But Auto SuperShield doesn’t install the average paint protection. Last month the company received the XPEL Corporation’s “Top Performer” Award, distinguishing it as one of the top five paint protection companies in the United States, say s a company spokesperson. They install film on cars used in the Audi Driving Experience in Florida and California and routinely are called upon to help protect NASCAR race cars from the rigors of the track.

Auto SuperShield’s founder, Pepi Feliu, says, “Not everyone owns an Aston Martin or a race car that needs protection, but everyone with any kind of vehicle is susceptible to chips from road debris. That stuff doesn’t discriminate. Rocks hit a Porsche just as easily as they hit a Neon. And if you can avoid repainting it by protecting it in the first place, you’re ahead of the game.”

For more information, contact Auto SuperShield at 877-366-0101 or 561-367-0101.

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