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March 2006

World-class workmanship key to
Auto SuperShield success


Just abut anyone who has owned a vehicle has experienced the disappointment of a stone chip in their paint, regardless of how careful they have been. The more expensive the vehicle, the greater the affect, because paint work can be costly and often lowers a vehicle’s real value. When exotic car owners in the southeast United States want to protect their investment, they typically turn to Auto SuperShield for transparent paint protection.

Often called a “clear bra,” thin urethane film is installed on vehicle surfaces that are at risk of being chipped by road debris or etched by bug residue and harmful chemicals.

“When people spend their money on expensive vehicles, they look for ways to protect that investment”‘ says Pepi Feliu, Auto SuperShield’s President since it began operation nearly a decade ago. “These beautiful creations deserve only the best, and Auto SuperShield can deliver without degrading the appearance of any vehicle. This is our promise to each and every customer that walks throughout our door.”

Just about every vehicle benefits from the installation. Feliu explains that they have performed installations on virtually every highland and exotic vehicle, including Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, BMW, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Mercedes. There are templates for virtually every means of transportation. Sedans, SUVs and convertibles, as well as recreational vehicles and even aircraft can benefit from the process.

The company, based in Boca Raton, FL, takes the technology to a whole new level by offering clients custom installation that is unrivaled. They have developed and mastered techniques to eliminate the seams that plague many installations of the high-tech film.

“We see many installations that have visible seams, which people typically don’t like,” said Feliu. He explained that computer plotters can be programmed to cut out sections for almost every application, but the templates sometimes use several small pieces to make installation simpler. “We have actually perfected a technique that lets us use a single piece to cover entire body panels, including hoods, fenders and bumper covers.”

In fact, not only is Auto SuperShield certified as a 3M dealer and installation center, but the company’s level of expertise has earned it 3M’s designation as South Florida’s only training facility.

Feliu explained that installation is more than just sticking on the film. Surfaces have to be meticulously cleaned to ensure not only that dust and dirt isn’t under the film causing a bubble or damaging paint, but that no residue from wax or chemicals remain on the paint when the film is installed. which cause the film not to stick properly or damage the paint. Actually installing the film is a painstaking and time-consuming process, as each install has to be perfect.

After sampling the different brands of clear film, Auto SuperShield exclusively applies ScotchGard Paint Protection Film from 3M. Their product is 8 mils thick and was actually developed to protect military helicopter rotors and airplane propellers from the debris. Even the Navy’sF-14 has film installed to protect its nosecone, even during supersonic operation. The material was enhanced in the 1990’s to help protect automobiles, with improved clarity and color stability.

Auto SuperShield boasts a client list that spans the nation, as many clients purchase their vehicle through one of the exotic car dealers in in south Florida and either drive or ship their vehicle home. Feliu explained that they have performed installations on motorcycles and race cars and often custom cut film for rare and collectible vehicles. “Virtually every panel on the vehicle can benefit from film installation, even if there isn’t a computerized template available” he said. Roofs, rocker panels and mirrors are some of the more common applications beyond front of the vehicle.

“There are many clients we have never met who have had us protect several of their vehicles,” said Feliu. Many clients drive for hundreds of miles or ship their vehicles in to take advantage of the expertise at Auto SuperShield, which also performs custom window tinting and vehicle detailing. “In addition to individual clients, just about every luxury and exotic dealer in the area trusts us to perform the installations on their clients’ vehicles.”

He explained that they do frequent installations on headlamps and fog-lamps to help protect them from impacts. IN addition, numbers race teams turn to them to protect their vehicles from harsh track conditions. Even NASCAR teams depend on the film to help protect graphics and hold the vehicles together during collisions.

“Whether we are working on a million-dollar super-car or a compact, our ultimate commitment is to provide all customers with the clearest and toughest paint protection on the planet for their cars.” Feliu emphasized, “Our experience and dedicate to excellence keeps us in the forefront of our profession.”

Auto SuperShield can be reached by phone at 561-367-0101, or online at Their shop is located at 1748 Costa Del Sol, Boca Raton, FL 33431.

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