We recently had an opportunity to work on the Fisker Karma, a very unique luxury hybrid vehicle. This luxury vehicle represents the future of automotive motoring, thanks to its impressive styling, hybrid electric drivetrain and use of eco-friendly materials. This is definitely a vehicle that is deserving of the best paint protection on the market. [youtube]http://youtu.be/xmJzs0MOO6M[/youtube] Our latest project involves covering the entire vehicle with paint protection film. Because its a Fisker Karma, it made the project that much more fun. We’re using the new Ultimate Self-Healing Paint Protection Film available from XPEL. It’s a full protection wrap that prevents the underlying paint from scratches and other damage that happens over the course of a vehicle’s life. Not only will the Karma’s painted surfaces benefit from this protective film, we will also cover the windshield with a safety coating to prevent scratches and pitting.