Hi, this is Pepi Feliu from Florida Paint Protection Film specialty shop, Auto SuperShield. After installing paint protection film on more than 10,000 cars for over ten years, I’ve seen and done quite a bit with painted surfaces. Clean up and maintenance is pretty simple on most paint protection film. First, as a consumer, it is important to know what material has been used on your particular car. These days there are many different makers of paint protection film. Each manufacture should provide you with care instructions upon purchase and installation. Not all materials are equal, even though they may appear the same after installation. The main difference between a quality film and an inferior film is the top layer. High quality films like 3M Scotchcal, Avery Dennison Nano Fusion, and Xpel Ultimate have a clear hard coat on the surface to make them tougher. The hard coat on these films makes the surface more durable and able to remove almost all surface scratches throughout their lifespan. These films will also retain a high gloss while on your painted surface. Any other film on the market will not have these characteristics. They will protect your painted surface, but will nothave the healing properties nor retain high gloss. Purchase a high quality film if you are particular about appearance.

Ferrari revealed its latest creation at the Geneva Auto Show last month. The F12 Berlinetta. The newest pony ready to leave the stable is the fastest street legal Ferrari ever created. The powerhouse is a naturally-aspirated V12! The F12 is ready to challenge the power of Lamborghini Aventador. 80% of torque available from 2,500 rpm rotation and continues to climb until capped out at 8700 rpm. Powerful 740HP supplied via the rear wheels F1 transmission double clutch 7-speed. When testing took place on the famous Fiorano track, the new car set the track record, posting a time of 1:23. This one is meant to be ridden hard and put away wet, which of course worries the smart owner less when his baby has been covered with paint protectant film which can be found through Auto SuperShield.12 Ferrari Berlinetta Car Bra

Auto SuperShield’s project of the week is a 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia. This 458 Italia has arrived to our Boca Raton facility flat bedded to us from Ferrari - Maserati of Fort Lauderdale dealership. Our project is to put a complete full coverage paint protection package (a.k.a. “clear bra”) on the car. Auto SuperShield will cover the hood, front fenders and front bumper completely with paint protection film. We design all of our paint protection kits with absolutely no seams anywhere, so the film is virtually invisible.