XPEL vs. 3M Paint Protection Films

June 20, 2020

XPEL vs. 3M Paint Protection Films: What’s the Difference?


You love your car. You love looking at it, almost as much as you love driving it. But no matter how often you wash and wax your ride, things like gravel dings, chipped paint and bug splatter can cause permanent damage to your vehicle’s paint. If only there was some sort of “force field” around your car that protected the paint.Enter XPEL and 3M paint protection films (sometimes known as “clear bra” or “car bra” films). As trusted leaders in the industry, both manufacturers offer peace of mind that your car’s paint will be preserved for many years to come. And with today’s technology, these thin, protective films can be applied to new and used vehicles without changing their appearance—unless ofcourse you want to add a matte or glossy finish, in which case both XPEL and 3M paint protection films will oblige.So, which film should you buy? That depends on your needs. XPEL and 3M offer similar product lines, but there are differences between each brand’s top films that can help you decide. Read on to learn more about these films and the differences between them.

XPEL Paint Protection Films

XPEL excels at finding innovative ways to shield your car’s paint using only the highest quality film. The entire XPEL line of films is hand drawn, measured, and tested manually. And you can take comfort knowing XPEL products are only installed by highly qualified experts.XPEL offers four paint protection film lines for your consideration:

  • XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film - The special clear coat on this virtually invisible urethane film prevents discoloration due to contamination and UV radiation. The super-slick surface also allows for bug residue and other unsightly blemishes to wipe away with ease. What’s more, the XPEL ULTIMATE boasts a self-healing feature that makes light swirl marks, scratches and stains practically disappear.
  • XPEL STEALTH Satin Paint Protection Film - It’s hard to keep matte finishes in showroom condition, so you owe it to your car to preserve its satin paint job. XPEL STEALTH has the same self-healing and protective features as ULTIMATE, but it’s designed to match the sheen of most factory matte paints. And if you’re looking for a reversible, low-cost way to transform your car’s appearance, XPEL STEALTH can transform your car’s glossy paint into a sleek satin finish.
  • XPEL XTREME Paint Protection Film - Designed for minimal visual impact, XTREME is the clearest, thinnest paint protection film XPEL offers. It delivers an industry-leading level of optical clarity — ideal for showing off your car’s curves and custom paint job. XTREME is also backed by one of the best warranties in the business. If the film fails (yellows, cracks, peels, or delaminates) within seven years of professional installation, XPEL will replace it and pay for the cost to remove the old film and put on the new one.
  • XPEL ARMOR Paint Protection Film When the going gets tough, the tough get XPEL ARMOR paint protection film. XPEL’s thickest and strongest film, ARMOR looks and performs like spray-on bedliner and is designed to resist abrasions and punctures from even the most rugged use. ARMOR is ideal for off-road vehicles and heavy-duty commercial and industrial vehicles.

3M Paint Protection Films

3M is one of the oldest players in the PPF game—because they were the first. 3M filed the first patent for paint protection film, and since then they’ve earned a reputation as one of the best in the industry. 3M paint protection films are the choice of new car manufacturers all over the world, as well as NASCAR.3M offers fewer PPF choices than XPEL, but they are just as good (or better, depending on who you ask). Here’s a closer look at 3M’s PPF line:

  • 3M VentureShield Paint Protection Film - 3M’s most cost-effective film still features the tough properties that protect your vehicle’s paint from daily wear and tear. And despite being one of the most cost-effective paint protection films on the market, VentureShield maintains its clarity, durability, and superior performance over a wide range of environmental conditions. In fact, VentureShield is guaranteed not to crack with UV or salt spray exposure.
  • 3M Scotchgard Pro Paint Protection Film - The next step up in quality and performance, 3M’s Scotchgard Pro line offers unrivaled scratch and stain resistance with amazing clarity. In fact, Scotchgard Pro PPF is one of the clearest paint protection films in the industry. The film also features self-healing technology that keeps the film (and your car, more importantly) looking new by allowing minor scratches to disappear by themselves. The Pro Series was also designed with the professional installer in mind, which means a quality finished product for you, the consumer.

Honestly, you won’t go wrong with either brand. Both have a great reputation for producing high-quality paint protection films that last. Just ensure you leave the job to an expert installer who’s professionally trained by XPEL and/or 3M. You’ll find both at Auto Super Shield, Southern Florida’s premier paint protection film dealer/installer.If you have questions or would like a PPF quote, contact us online or call 561-367-0101.


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