Xpel Paint Protection Review

December 28, 2021

Paint protection is all the rage right now, with many different manufacturers jostling to be the brand that takes the coveted ‘best in class’ top spot. One of the most talked-about is high-end the range offered by Xpel, with various types including the Ultimate, Stealth, Armor, Tracwrap, and Xtreme versions of this best-selling PPF.

But how good is Xpel paint protection film at really protecting the paintwork of a vehicle?

Read on as we give a professional opinion on what the product offers and—most importantly—whether it’s worth the money.

Xpel Paint Protection Film: the different options

  • Xpel paint protection film: Ultimate
  • Xpel paint protection film: Stealth
  • Xpel paint protection film: Armor
  • Xpel paint protection film: Tracwrap
  • Xpel paint protection film: Xtreme

Xpel paint protection: Ultimate

Self-healing, durable, and the top-of-the-range option for sports cars, high-performance vehicles, and classic cars. Few products come anywhere near providing the clarity that Ultimate offers, and it puts its competition to shame with its ability to shrug off contaminants that would cause lesser paint protection films to yellow or stain.

We hate to extol the virtues of a product quite as lavishly as this one, but—quite simply—this is the best PPF that we’ve come across to date.

Xpel paint protection: Stealth 

Stealth is Xpel’s matte or satin-paint-specific PPF that offers exactly the same qualities as Ultimate. We love the satin finish that also looks amazing as a clear bra over painted matte stripes. The same as Ultimate, it’s self-healing—so a little heat will cause any tiny imperfections to simply melt away—and it offers superior protection against any debris, dirt, or stone strikes.

Both Stealth and Ultimate are the two products that most petrol heads will instantly fall in love with. Both come with an extraordinary 10-year warranty and are the perfect aftermarket addition to any race car, hot rod, performance car, or vintage classic.

Xpel also offers other PPF products that suit more niche requirements. We discuss these briefly below.

Xpel paint protection: Armor

As the name suggests, Armor is designed for vehicles that are heading off-road, or for commercial and industrial use. This type of PPF presents excellent rugged protection from rock chips, thanks to being thicker than the others in the range.

Xpel paint protection: Tracwrap

Tracwrap is designed for temporary use, such as when you’re taking a show car to an event. It provides short-term protection against environmental debris, including bird strikes, chips, and bug splatters.

Xpel paint protection: Xtreme

Xtreme is an ultra-thin option—pretty much as close as you can get to not having any PPF on a car at all. This ‘naked’ option is well suited to vehicles that are subjected to light use only and provides a good protective barrier against road debris and other environmental pollutants. It’s popular for those who want to protect hand-painted custom designs or perhaps on an older, vintage vehicle.

Our verdict as to the performance of Xpel PPF? WE have to say, this stuff does everything it promises to do. We also like the fact that it’s pretty easy to remove without harming the paint beneath. From a professional installation point of view, Xpel’s PPF takes a good day to add to the car with a second day to correct any lifting and peeling that might occur during the curing process. 

Our favorites have to be the Ultimate and Stealth, although we do like the other options when appropriate. Do we think they’re worth the money? Absolutely! For anyone who cares about the paintwork of their precious vehicle, then PPF is fast becoming a product that you shouldn’t be without.

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