Would You Drive a Smart Car? Here's Why You Might Want to Consider It

Would You Drive a Smart Car? Here’s Why You Might Want to Consider It

Would you drive a Smart Car? It seems that car enthusiasts have varying opinions when it comes to Smart Cars, but we have to admit that there are a lot of benefits to purchasing and driving one of these interesting little vehicles. If you have never considered purchasing a Smart Car, you should take a look at some of the advantages to driving one. There are actually a lot of benefits to owning a Smart Car, so you shouldn’t give up on the idea just yet.


American Smart Car

American Smart Car

Fuel Economy

We’ve all been hit by the current economy, and fuel prices can take a large chunk out of a weekly paycheck. With an impressive 33 miles per gallon fuel efficiency in the city and a mind-blowing 41 miles per gallon efficiency on the highway, it’s hard to dispute the idea that the Smart Car is a very economical option. A lot of hybrids don’t even offer the fuel efficiency that Smart Cars do.


Purchasing a new car can be expensive, and even used vehicles or more affordable models can be highly costly. Starting at around $11,500 for a brand new model, Smart Cars are possibly some of the cheapest new cars that are on the market. You often can’t purchase a decent used car for that price, so you can’t deny that it would be nice to have a brand-new car for such an affordable price.


If you’ve ever had trouble maneuvering your existing vehicle into a tight parking space or if you have a difficult time fitting your current car in your garage, you might appreciate the small size of these little cars. They’re small enough that they could likely fit in the tailgate of a larger pick-up truck, so you know that it will be easy to maneuver them into even the tightest of spaces.


If you care about the environment and the impact that we have on it, you will probably be thrilled with the Smart Car. This vehicle uses less resources and has less of an impact on the environment, so they are the perfect choice for anyone who is concerned about how they are affecting our world.

Conversation Starter

Are you looking for a way to start conversations with others or do you want to really command attention from those around you? If so, consider driving a Smart Car. Due to their unique appearance, these exciting little vehicles are sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it, and they make for a great conversation piece in almost any social situation.

Regardless of your reasons for looking at a Smart Car, you might be surprised by just how beneficial driving one of these vehicles can be.

Wendy Feliu