Windshield Protection for your New Tesla

December 24, 2022

So… You’re the proud owner of a new Tesla. It’s rolled off the factory line in pristine condition and, naturally, you want to keep it that way. One area that’s particularly prone to chips and damage is the windshield. But, thankfully, there are a couple of easy ways to reduce the risk of this. 

Read on for the definitive windshield protection guide for your new Tesla (or, indeed, any other prestige marque).

A Guide to Windshield Protection 

  • PPF as windshield protection for your new Tesla
  • Ceramic coating as windshield protection for your new Tesla 

PPF as windshield protection for your new Tesla

When it comes to windshield protection, you have two options. The first of these is clear paint protection film (PPF), a product also referred to as clear bra. However, not all of these are made equal, so it’s important to ensure that you get the right type fitted.

By far the most important aspect is to use a PPF that doesn’t provide any distortion to your vision. While most PPF has high clarity, some are more prone to this than others. A PPF that needs to be stretched to fit might cause more distortion than one that’s heat-molded to the glass.

Windshield protection must be able to withstand UV rays. This is especially relevant in hot climates, such as Florida. Different qualities use varying materials. It’s important to make the right selection to ensure good longevity. You’ll also need to be sure that the film won’t get scratched by the wiper blades., so speak to your installer to understand how your chosen product manages this.

Ceramic coating as windshield protection for your new Tesla

The alternative to PPF for your windscreen is advanced ceramic coating. By this, we’re referring to the professional grade that can only be installed by a licensed provider. The so-called DIY ceramic coatings that you can purchase in-store or online aren’t suitable for this purpose because they contain lots of silicon oils that diffuse light. This is certainly not the effect you want on your windscreen…!

While a professional ceramic coating can be applied, there are some considerations to think about. While the product is crystal clear and offers hydrophobic properties to the glass, there’s one big downside:

Because the water can’t cling to the windscreen, it clings to the wipers instead.

Now, for some people, this isn’t a huge issue. But others find it very annoying. For this reason, most professional paint and glass protection services will only install a ceramic coating on a windshield if a customer particularly requests it. However, it’s a great product to protect all the other glass on the car.

While we can’t say which type of windscreen protection you should choose for your new Tesla, it’s important that you have all the facts. That way, you can make an informed decision as to whether PPF or ceramic coating will suit your needs. Or, indeed, whether you decide to forgo either, instead concentrating on the other windows and the vehicle paintwork.

Contact Auto SuperShield for the Best Windshield Protection for your New Tesla

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