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Window Tint for Sportscars: The Right Way to Do It

Auto SuperShield Window Tint

There’s something special about window tint. The darker windows give your sportscar a classy, elegant look. Many people simply throw on a tint hoping it will look great and stay in place. Window tint for sportscars not only looks great, but can also prevent overheating inside the car and shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays when driving. Window tints keep the inside of your car protected from the heat of the sun and can even hold glass together after a car accident. The right way to tint it begins with a professional and the highest quality of window film.

The right window tint for sportscars begins with knowing the laws about window tint in your area. Don’t tint your windows thinking you can get away with it because it will only cost you more money when you have to remove the tint and replace it with a lighter window film. Every state has a separate law regarding the level of tint while some countries have even outlawed window tinting. If your tint is too dark, you can face a fine up to $500 in some states.

Tinted windows are not just about throwing some window film on your glass and stepping back to admire your work. The right way to tint windows begins with the highest quality of window film that will last without fading, bubbling or cracking. One of the best performing window tints belongs to the Crystalline line of window films. Crystalline is made with high technology and uses multiple layers to perform at its highest ability.

Window tint for sportscars is started by cleaning and prepping the film getting it ready to be applied. The window film is cut customized for your windows. The glass is cleaned to ensure there is no dirt or debris that will get stuck under the tint. Wetting the glass will help the film adhere tightly to the window while the bubbles are all pushed out. Finally, the film is adhered to each window with a special solution and smoothed out. No bubbles should be visible. It seems like an easy process, but to ensure a window tint passes the test of time, it must be adhered carefully and precisely.

Tinting the windows in your sportscar will help protect you and the car while looking great at the same time. Doing it right the first time will save you hundreds of dollars and even raise the value of your car.

Wendy Feliu