Which Type of Window Tint is Best for Your Vehicle?

June 20, 2020
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Window tint adds privacy, reduce sun exposure damage from UV rays and enhance the safety of your vehicle. Choosing the best window tint for your vehicle requires careful consideration of why you’re doing it.A number of high-quality brands exist, but the best window tint depends on what you'd like to accomplish. Consider a few key brands and types of products and how they work.3M Window Tint3M offers several types of tinting products. This well-respected 3M window tint is reliable, affordable, and long-lasting.Carbon Film: 3M carbon film is perhaps the most attractive of options because it creates a dark, nearly black depth. 3M’s carbon film blocks as much as 40% of infrared heat, reducing energy usage for cooling the vehicle. It's long-lasting, and unlike many hybrid films, doesn't interact with cell phones or car electronics such as report start or GPS navigation, and creates a sporty look.Crystalline Film: Another quality option from 3M, crystalline film is a high-tech solution. It offers a high level of clarity and is designed to look top of the line. This multi-layer optical film uses some 200 layers of film but is thinner than a Post-It note. 3Ms top-of-the-line tint allows it to reduce heat at a higher level than darker films. It can reject as much as 97% of the sun's heat and block as much as 60% of the heat coming into the car. It doesn't interfere with technology.Suntek Window TintSuntek window films are high-performance tint. Known for their use as high-impact marketing materials, these window films offer numerous shades and colors to create an aesthetically pleasing design. They tend to be easy to install and long lasting. Key offerings include:

  • CXP: A nano-hybrid product with similar features to the 3M crystalline film, but is a less costly option
  • Carbon: A non-fading carbon film; this is a long-lasting, energy saving product

Competitively priced, each Suntek tint is well made, doesn't shrink, and offers excellent, long-term adhesion. This ensures the film remain in place for years. These window tints are ideal for those who want an impressive look, a moderate price, and overall high quality.Spectra Window TintThe company's Spectral Select Film VKool 70, offers up to 98.3% infra-red rejection and provides a high level of UV protection, as well. These are easy for a professional to apply. VKool offers as much as 73% visible light transmission to keep your car well lit while still cool.Spectra Photosync Window Tint: This film offers a number of benefits including a total solar energy rejection rate of 79%. This comes from the solar adaptive coating applied to the film. This is a six-layer film tint with the main goal of reducing sun exposure. It can shade light in a range from 35% up to 75%, depending on the needs of the user.The Spectra Photosync window tint is ideal for those who want more customization options, a good level of heat rejection and an overall good look. It does not block GPS or other electronic signals. This is a top-of-the-line tint used on many exotic cars. It’s the best on the market and very exclusive.LLumar Window TintAnother lesser-known brand is LLumar. This company offers a single dyed tinting film it produces. This film is a polyester layer that features a base layer of dye within an adhesive layer. It does not contain metal, which makes it an ideal choice for those who want a very dark look.However, LLumar is mostly an appearance-based product. It does reduce heat transfer, but at a moderate level. It doesn't interfere with your radio signals and will help reduce glare significantly. Choose Llumar when appearance and affordability are the most important goals.A Note About Window Tinting State LawsWindow tint laws differ from one state to the next. These laws often limit the level of darkness and the overall types of coverings used. It's essential to contact your local DMV or DMV Website to inquire about specific regulations within your state. A summary of many of these laws is available here.Determining which is the best window tint means carefully considering the amount of heat reduction and UV protection desired, along with budgetary factors and graphic design needs. Whether tinting a company car or a favorite sports vehicle, each of these brands offers a high quality of product that, when professionally installed, amplifies function and improves efficiency.Auto SuperShield


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