Where to Get Tinted Windows

June 20, 2020

Want to add a cool touch to your car? Tinted windows are sleek and sexy, and higher-end films can even keep temperatures down inside your car and protect your interior (and your skin) from sun damage. We’ve covered a lot of topics before regarding tinted windows—including the best window tint brands and different types of window tint film—but never the question, “Where do I go to get my car windows tinted?” There are lots of options, some better than others, but we’ll reserve our judgment and let you make the choice for yourself.

Auto Dealerships

There’s only one time when you should pay to have your windows tinted by a car dealership, and that’s when you’re buying a new car. Dealerships are notorious for overcharging on parts and labor, so unless you can work the cost of the installation into the finance plan or lease arrangement, don’t spend more on window tint then you should. However, if you are leasing a vehicle, check with your dealership first to make sure that aftermarket window tint film isn't prohibited by the lease agreement.

Something else to keep in mind is that the mechanics in the dealership service center may not necessarily specialize in window tint installations. For best results, trust your vehicle in the hands of someone who spends most of their time installing window tint film.

Auto Body Shops

Although not all body shops perform window tint installation, the ones that do typically have someone (or a team) that specialize in window tint film jobs. There is also the convenience of getting your windows tinted while at the same time taking care of any dents, dings, or scratches in your car. An important question to ask of any auto body shop that advertises window tint film installation is the type and brand of film used. Lower-priced, lower-quality window tint film can experience adhesive failure, color alteration, and distortion problems.

Car Customization Shops

A step above auto dealerships and body repair shops is modification shops. Also known as customization shops, these are places that specialize in aftermarket car modifications. In other words, these are the places to go if you want to transform the look and feel of your ride. Because car customization shops are familiar with high-end materials and premium auto brands, they are the ideal place to go if you drive an exceptional vehicle that requires the finest window tint film.

Mobile Window Tint Installers

Another option is to hire a mobile window tint installer to come to you. These mobile installers can work on your car while it’s parked at home or at work. You may pay extra for the convenience, but it may be worth it if you have a busy life. Another positive of hiring a mobile installer is the fact that window tint is all they do, so you know the finished product will look great and last for years to come.

Auto Super Shield is your destination for high-end, premium window tint film in South Florida. We carry the very best window tint film available on the market today, and our experienced window tint installers specialize in high-end applications on luxury vehicles. Learn more about our window tint films or installation services by calling us at (561) 367-0101.


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