What Your New 3M PPF Will Do To Protect Your Car

July 30, 2021

What Your New 3M PPF Will Do To Protect Your Car

PPF, or paint protection film, has been around for decades. It was originally invented by the military to protect tools, such as helicopter rotor blades, from debris and shrapnel. Fast forward fifty-odd years and the technology has been tweaked to protect the paintwork on vehicles. 

Read on to find out exactly how Paint Protection Film works to ensure that the gleaming finish of your ride remains as beautiful as the day it rolled off the production line.

All About 3M PPF Protection 

  • Why do you need car coating protection?
  • How does PPF work?
  • Does it have to be 3M PPF protection?

Why do you need car coating protection? 

When vehicles are produced, even the most expensive of models only have a thin clear covering that protects the paint below. This is at the mercy of the elements. Not only can it become scratched and scuffed, but it degrades over time. This causes it to become discolored, peel, or crack, meaning the paintwork beneath loses that beautiful patina that you were once so proud of.

Some of the main causes of paintwork damage include: 

  • Bird strikes
  • UV damage
  • Rock chips
  • Scratches from debris
  • Oxidization
  • Acid rain

PPF provides an additional layer that bears the brunt of all of this, meaning both the paintwork and the thin clear factory protection atop remain in near perfect condition.

How does PPF work?

Because PPF – often referred to as a clear bra or clear mask – sits on top of the paintwork and clear protective coating this is what now bears the brunt of environmental damage. It’s made from an advanced elastomeric polymer substance that allows it to be stretched and adhered to the paintwork. Once applied, it's invisible. Every application is custom-designed, therefore fits any vehicle.

The coating repels water but by far the cleverest ability of PPF is that it can ‘self-heal’. This means that when light scratches occur, the material re-conforms back to the original shape. It also prevents UV ray damage, something vitally important for those living in warm climates.

Does it have to be 3M PPF protection?

3M PPF protection is the original, and perhaps best known, paint protection film. However, there are a few other serious players on the market that offer equally good products. Both Suntek and Xpel provide their own technologically advanced versions of PPF.

How to Install 3M Paint Protection Film

  • Car coating protection is a specialist job

Car coating protection is a specialist job 

While it’s possible to purchase the raw materials and have a go yourself, don’t be under any illusion that installing PPF is easy. Not only does the vehicle need to be prepped to perfection, but the paintwork and ambient temperature need to be between 55°F and 90°F.

Each area of the vehicle needs to have an exactly measured PPF panel applied. Getting this right is best done using a computerized machine called a plotter. This cuts bespoke dimensions of PPF, ensuring the perfect application, even on the most intricate areas of the car. 

While some might say you could do the same with a knife and a measuring tape, such an attempt will result in a ton of wastage—not to mention the inevitable human error when it comes to the many (many!) measurements that need to be taken.

Looking for 3M PPF Protection? Contact Auto SuperShield Today

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