What Your Car Color Says About You

June 20, 2020
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Cars today come in many different colors. Each manufacturer has their own variant of the most popular automobile colors as well as unique colors that they use to distinguish their vehicles from others on the road. If you have ever wondered what your car color says about you, here are some of the most common colors for cars and what each one says about the personality of the vehicle's owner.BlackAccording to a Forbes report from 2012, black is one of the top five most popular car colors. The color black represents quality, power, and elegance. It is often chosen for luxury cars and vehicles that are used to transport politicians and celebrities.WhiteWhite is a color that represents youth and modernity. People who drive white cars want to put out a vibe of freshness and vigor. A white car can also be challenging to keep clean, which means people who choose a white car often have the discipline needed to frequently wash their vehicle.SilverThe color silver is closely associated with sophisticated technology. Bankrate says that silver is a color that indicates a high status. As a neutral color, many people are drawn to silver because it strikes a good balance between black and white: a silver car is easier to clean than a white one but does not get as hot as a black vehicle.RedRed cars project an air of confidence. A person with a red car is often a go-getter that takes action. The color red is also closely associated with sportiness, which makes it a popular color for high-performance vehicles.BlueBlue is a color of stability and honesty. People who choose a blue car want to project a calm and dependable personality. Blue is not as popular a color as black or white, but Nancy Lockhart at Axalta Coating Systems suggests that blue will see a resurgence in popularity soon.YellowDrivers who choose a yellow car are not afraid of risk. Yellow is a bold, flashy color. It is a color often associated with happiness and joy.GreenThe color green is popular with nature lovers. Drivers of green cars often buck popular trends so that they can pick a car color that feels closer to nature. Today, green is one of the least popular car colors available.While it is true that what your car color says about you might be accurate, this is not always the case. Every person has different tastes in both cars and colors. You should pick a car color that suits your style, regardless of what your car color says about you according to the experts.


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