Xpel Ultimate Film

What is Xpel Ultimate Film? Protect your sports car now

Xpel Ultimate Film

Xpel Ultimate Film

When you buy a sports car, or any car for that matter, you are making an investment. When you are investing in something, particularly something you love or are passionate about, obviously, you want to protect it. With a car you might park it away from other people, pull it into the driveway at night, and wash it at regular intervals to make sure it looks its absolute best at all times, but even the most diligent owner can’t protect a car from every little scratch, at least not without a protective clear coat.

Xpel Ultimate Film is a protective clear coat that can be added to any car to ensure everyday scratches, swirls and nicks don’t become permanent fixtures on the car. The film protects the car by creating a barrier between the paint and the outside world. The thin, clear film is self-healing, so any time the coat gets a scratch, nick or swirl, it automatically gets to work healing itself. Once healed, you will not be able to tell the clear coat was damaged in any way, and, more importantly, the paint underneath remains untouched and untarnished.

Self healing films are relatively new on the market, but they have been used and heavily researched in the lab. Xpel Ultimate Film, for example, uses a special polymer compound to create the film. The polymer compound can be added to any car. The polymer is fluid, even though it is a cured product, so once the polymer is disrupted, as in the case of a scratch, the film quickly gets to work leveling itself out. The healing process is complete when the film comes back together and seals once again. The healing process can take about an hour, depending on the temperature and climate you are in, but it can be sped up simply by pouring hot water over the surface that needs to heal.

The way Xpel Ultimate Film works is impressive enough, but there is a lot more to this clear coat than meets the eye. First of all, there is no limit to how many times the film can heal itself. In fact, it can heal itself, literally, hundreds of times. You’ll need it to, because most cars get swirls and scratches in the paint just from regular maintenance and washing. The clear coat can also survive for, literally, years without needing a touch-up, depending on the climate the car is located in.
Overall, Xpel Ultimate Film is a high tech product, designed to protect your investment and give you peace of mind. It does just that through polymer science.

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